Music day in Austria

Hello everyone,

Music day will be celebrated this 21st of June across the world. It is an opportunity for new expatriates and expats-to-be to discover and get excited about new ways of celebrating this special day in Austria. Would you be able to answer a few questions to make sure no one misses out on the best events?

Is Music day popular in Austria?

Tell us about how it is usually celebrated? What activities are usually organised?

Are there traditional activities on Music day (street concerts, festivals etc.)?

Is there a not-to-be-missed event or a place-to-be on Music day?

What do you have planned for this 21st of June?

Please share your experience,


This is the very first I have heard of such a day. Austria is the home to classical music. Over 200 music and dance festivals are held all across Austria each year.

From what I can see there is nothing special happening on the 21st June.

I think it has been done before in Vienna, but maybe just a small concert. It is a great celebration for professionals and amateurs, for everyone who loves music. Make "classical" music Day in Austria could be very fun!

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