Looking to move to my dream city

I am a photographer that works between NYC and Montana who specializes in fashion, beauty and model development and would be looking to possibly transition that into lifestyle photography for tourists that visit the city. I also photograph food/drinks, interiors and products. I also write for SLR Lounge and would be able to maintain that part time work from anywhere around he globe.

That being said, in a past life I was a barista and ended up managing a local coffee shop. After starting my life completely over, this sounds pretty ideal again. I found the best coffeeshop last week called coffeehouse Salzburg and would work there in a heartbeat.

I am just learning German and have a little French and Spanish. Is this a total lost cause to move to the city of my dreams?

I have visited 4 times now and am never ready to leave. It is truly where I feel alive, feel at home and am the happiest.

I am a freelance writer and would be able to tutor English and would even look at being a tour guide, Baker, etc. I think the only thing my body might not be able to handle is working in a pub with smoke because of my asthma. .

I made some friends the last time I was there a few weeks ago and would love to meet new people as well. I appreciate all of your help. It doesn’t need to be forever... but I would like to live more than three months if I could

Hi Britanny2415,

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I suggest that you read the Finding work in Austria to gather as much information possible about how you can land a job.

Feel free to read the interview of one of our members, even though she was in Vienna, it seems that your expat project is totally feasible.

- https://www.expat.com/en/expat-mag/290- … ienna.html

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Thank you very much, Bhavna, for the resources. I have read them thoroughly and am currently researching potential advertising agencies and companies such as Red Bull where my photography would be a benefit. I also have emailed several touring companies and so far they are full. I am hopeful something will open up as I’d love to even take a breather and work as a barista again for a bit and get back to life.

Thank you again!

You could check out the government job website > www.ams.at

Good luck :top:

Thank you so much! At the very least I hope to save up some money and funds to spend the 90 days I am allotted normally. I would love to do more if I could, especially with my skills as a writer, photographer, Baker, barista and fitness instructor. There has to be something.

There is also The Local which produces Austrian news in English and it has a job section for English speakers. You could get in contact with the Local itself to see if they need writers etc...?

You could also write a BLOG on Expat.com :)

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