Hi! i'm new in town

I would like to meet new people and make some friends.
I enjoy walking, having some coffee, going to the movies or just enjoying a nice conversation.

Hey Frida

I'm a few days in Vienna and would really enjoy to meet you! If you would like to spend some time to drink a coffee or see some places together, I would appreciate that :)

Warm regards

Hello there, I have been living here (Vienna) for 8 years and love drinking a coffee, talking and having time to time a cake ( watching the sugar intake too 😊). So happy to meet up guys, trying to meet up with new people finally! Zuzana

Hello! sorry for the late reply, if you are still interested im free on Wednesday!!!!

I am trying a yoga class on Neubaugasse 12 so cannot do on Wednesday but next week I am relatively free, would that be ok? Unless you wanna join the yoga class too. It is Euro 15 per hour. :-) Let me know please

Thanks for the invite, I already have yoga classes this week!! But yes let me know for next week im basically free after 5 every day.
Have a great day

Hmmm, honestly I have a small boy (2years) who I need to pick up at his kindergarten around 3:30.So either you dont mind getting a coffee to go to a playground and chat there or I will have to organise smb to babysit first. Let me know please.. just wanted let you know, that I am not as flexible as others.

i have no problems with that! :)

so lets do next week either Wed or Thu? I am sorry for the delay but have a lot going on in this week privately as well as workwise. You can choose a day and time :-)

Hey i will let you know on monday when would be best for me! :)

[at]Frida.lb and [at]zuzulikdivka

Kindly use the PM system to continue your coordination of meeting.  The forum is not a chat room.  Thank you

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