Friends are Family you find along the Way

Updated 2013-07-02 11:27

When you find yourself away from your friends and family, it can be hard. Austria is beautiful, but locals do not connect with foreigners so easily. Austrian`s often stick to their own and just have a different way of life than many foreigners, especially those who are used to travelling and having to make new friends.

My husband and I have lived here for nearly 14 years. Yes, unbelievable. We came for two to three years and are still here. We like it, but are very glad that we can be part of the international community. We find that the saying: "Friends are Family you find along the Way", is very true. When you least expect it, friends like the ones we have made here, will drop by with a meal, when you are sick, or clean your house (I know, hard to believe), watch you kids for a while or just call you up to see how you are doing. All things, family would do, if they were here. It is amazing and we are grateful.

When things go wrong, you lose a loved one, you argue with your husband or wife, money is tight, who do you turn to when not family? Well, we have truly found a family here that cares. They are from all over the world, South Africa, Austria, Great Britain, USA, Canada, China and elsewhere. We (students, young professionals, teachers, senior managers, children, teens) all come together for church (Crossway International Bible Church) on Sundays at 13:30, just behind the Rathaus. It is a small group of people - very relaxed and we love it. Outside of Sundays, we get together for sport, BBQs, dinners (Centimeter being one of our favourite hangouts), bible study, a coffee at Starbucks and just enjoy being together and exploring life.

We find that Friends really can become the Family we need, and personally, I am not sure how I would manage, without our family here. I can only encourage others to come and meet people at Crossway. You will like it and find people who can be family to you.

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