Apply for Dependent VISA while having a tourist visa

HI Team,
I work in Belgium with Work Permit. I want to bring my wife to Belgium from India. As the process for spouse visa approval takes longer time can I execute the following.

1. Apply Tourist visa and get it approved.
2. Once my wife has tourist visa in hand submit docs for Spouse VISA.
2. Meanwhile spend time together in Belgium till the spouse visa is approved.
4. Upon approval go back to India and come back as dependent.

Is this legally allowed?   Can I apply for spouse VISA when my wife holds tourist visa?

Sorry if my question is silly.

Sounds very very bad. If you want your wife to live with you, apply for a spousal visa.

Not a good idea.

While being in Belgium with a tourist visa, she is not allowed to file another visa application in my knowledge (limited). She can apply only after she goes back to India after the visit.

Better approach is to directly apply spouse visa.

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