GAMCA medical test validity

Would you please inform me about the validity (life time) of GAMCA medical test, I mean since it has been issued until the submission to immigration to issue the employment visa.

Please advise and thank you.

Six months from the date of issue.

As far as I have seen the Medical Certificates issued by GAMCA the validity date is mentioned on the certificate itself, please look for it on the same it will be either stamped by the issuing medical center or typed /printed on it.

What if the gamca medical has been almost expire but its ongoing attestation in ministries of health in Oman. It will be still admitted for visa processing or not.

3 months from the day of test (for Oman)

I know that I am very very delayed to reply to this post. But I am leaving my reply because it may help someone.

Does anyone know why medical test is required for work and resident visa to Oman for certain nationalities. I am Canadian citizen and it appears a medical fitness is not required for the work/resident visa. Is this true? Thanks in advance for your help.