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Hi friends.....

    I got one job offering letter from Malta one of the best hospital in Malta.St.James hospital.In my country one agency told about this hospital is 40 beded and they will pay for us 2100 to 2500euro per month. with free food and accomodation.Is it right....? our agency telling right or wrong......
Can you please tell me if anyone knows about this hospital and their facilities.

This is the website for the hospital, may give you some idea....

No idea regarding salary.


Salary = wrong

None of the nurses I know earn anywhere near that amount and don't get free 'food' and accomodation. THe whole package would be 2500 - 3000 € !

If I may ask a question : How much do you pay your agency ?


I have to pay 1500 euro for this job

The agency told me salary 2100euro per month. 8 hours food and accommodation,family visa the agency told like that..
Is it right...?

Hi Ricky.....

you know more about this hospital...........?
what you think about My agency is right or wrong?

please replay me am confuised

Hi,I also got a job offer in saint James hospital. Salary s 2100-2500€ per it possible? Food and accommodation free,family visa applicable.want to know whether agency peple r right or not.kindly reply..
If it's true, how long it vl take for processing. 3 - 4 months Reasonable ?MUMN s accepting GNMs?

Hi Jesus
Which agency? Can you tell me the agency name and how much is the service charge?

Rajgopal associates, Mumbai. 1lakh.50k now.after getting contract letter,second half to b paid.job was posted in

Me too.....
If you don't mind can you give me your contact details.... Am from Kerala working in Qatar.

leave it mail id pls.vl forward the details

hi Andrew,pls leave ur mail id..


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Hi did u get any reply iam also interested for the job but is it true about vacancy for Indian nurse in stjameshospital can any one help

Hi that hospital does exist but believe me this is a scam as no nurse in Malta gets that pay.  Besides we have our own nurses and can't imagine anyone employing people from outside the EU with that pay and offering duty free allowances when duty free is not available to Maltese citizens, let alone from other countries.  Malta is a very small island and is overpopulated, however when there was a shortage of nursing staff, some foreign nurses did show up but for a very short period and definitely not with the conditions you mentioned.  Too good to be true, don't you think... look elsewhere.

So all you nurses from India are seriously convinced that you are being offered a job as nurse in Malta that comes with a salary that equates to about twice the average salary in Malta?

You should read this article: … -overseas-

And this one too : … 6736150221

Nurses from India please be aware that you are not playing in the same salary league as the above quoted nurses from the EU. You will only be employed if you are higher qualified than Maltese / EU nurses or are will to work for a lower salary.

You should contact St. James Hospital directly and save the agency fees ! If they have jobs they will get back to you as they will have to endorse your work permit anyway , and not any job agency in India. Work permits for nurses are granted by the ETC in Malta after checking certain details.


thanks for ur advice.we  were wondered by this offers,so started to enquire abt  it,as  it looks strange!
you people proved  ur  identity,
as I read abt matese people are so good..
felt happy to chat with u.
all the best for u all.
God bless u!!!!

Thank you very much..!!

for such a great co-operate and information you provide.


Update on nurse salaries in Malta

The MUMN today warned that if foreign nurses are paid 1 cent more than local nurses that they will go on strike.

The salaries for nurses in Malta are listed here: … 6736151068

And local nurses do not get paid accomodation or food allowances. And of course taxes and social security have to paid on top. So the quoted 30.000 Euros are subject to deductions and only apply with maximum working hours /overtime/Sunday work and for nurses with a BSc.

So if you want to pay agencies in India or elsewhere fees to get ripped off it is at your own risk.


I read the comments on one article, some people just don't understand what supply and demand is, and even worse are so narrow-minded that it's awful

Hey everyone, just in case people come back to this post, or in case you're still wondering: I work for St. James Hospital and just contacted the HR department... the basic salary starts at €17663.96/year, growing with years of experience, plus shift allowances and other extras. That's almost 1500 per month... considerably far from what you were offered. The links the other people posted are very good, be careful with those recruitment agencies! The direct email if you want to apply for a job is vacancy @ so I would suggest, use that :) We are hiring at the moment so go for it! Good luck everyone :)

Thanks for this information . It's very usefull and relates exactly to the figures I've been told by Maltese nurse friends.


How to get registered nurse job in malta

How to get registered nurse job in malta

Nephine28 :

How to get registered nurse job in malta

Look in the jobs section or apply straight to one of the hospitals or look for an agency, but it depends on whether you get a work permit.

Dear ,

I am also searching for a Job in Malta , As per the Chat History , i saw you are form Kerala . Presently   were are you in Malta ?please i need to ask something , expecting your repaly

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