Buying a flat in egypt- What do i need to bring?

hi there,
im thinking to buy small flat in Egypt average money 100000 to 110000 EP
and also what do I need to bring with me

Hello yellow flower 12

An advert in the Housing in Cairo section of the forum may help spread the word for you to find a nice deal


where you want to live in ? what is the area ?

new cairo
nasr city
obour city

nasr, giza or madi or old cairo

A flat that cost 110k in Cairo ? I don't believe it exists, would be a housing crises if prices were like that. Might be a small flat in other city than Cairo.

Location of flat in fisal area . Area of flat not exceed 100m .  It is not furnished .

less than 100m2 is for 110k in faisl ?

yes . you can find many New flats at that price . but the place is inside a low rate area . i mean beside ring road in fisal.


Here is some good advice. Don't try to buy anything in Egypt! ****, I am an Australian and lived in that awful country for 3 years.
If you need any other information about filthy Egypt and Egyptians; please contact me.
David Anning. Australia.

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I have a flat in Egypt and I have no problems at all. Why are people so horrible about this beautiful country and it's lovely people. I have nothing but good things to say about this country and it's people.
I used a solicitor who had been recommended to me by the company that built the properties. If you do this gs properly you will have no problems.

After all you wouldn't buy a property in your own country without taking due care would you?

Hi everybody,

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Priscilla  :cheers:

All you need is your passport as an Identity and you have to document purchasing in Shar Aqary, that is "Notary public"
As for the flats available in this price you can find in:
Nasr city, the tenth district.
6th of October
Your are welcome to write to me for any enqueries.

Have a nice day.


Dear all,
Let me carry on this thread as it was useful what you have already said.
I will marry in August to an Egyptian girl. Although we are not planning to live in Egypt initially, her parents are requesting me to buy a house there.
I will be looking into flats in Ismailia OR in Cairo, but on the road to Ismailia and close to the airport, and I was hoping to not spend more than 400.000 EGP.
I wonder how to find a reliable Notary as I am concerned about any fraud and I dont have much time for searching.
Do I also need to open a bank account?

thanks for your help, I am a bit overwhelmed for having to do this in such short notice and mainly considering we will go abroad after.



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You can not get .at lest in a puplic area 300000

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