Typical Bed Sizes in Egypt

Hi, I have a quick question: I have just a few days left to pack before I move out to Cairo.

I want to take linen with me from the UK, but there are a range of sizes available over here. Mostly either 150cm x 200cm.  Or.  180cm x 200cm

Can anyone suggest the typical dimensions of a larger sized bed in Egypt ? Believe it or not, terms like "king" and "queen" size doesn't mean anything as there's no global standard for this.

I'm guessing I'll rent an apartment furnished, so it will also depend on what the landlord provides, but I'm aiming for a reasonably high end apartment, so I'd guess it will be a generous proportioan. Can anyone guess what it will likely be?

Thanks, Rob

Hi Rob
first of all i really hope you'll enjoy your stay here in Cairo,if you need any help lease let me know,as for bed linens it would be best if you get 180x200

Thanks Ruby, most kind of you to help !

more than happy to help anyway i can  :)

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