best city to live in Egypt - calm/safe/cheap/low criminial rate

Looking for best city to live in Egypt.
1- low criminal rate
2- calm and quite
3- not so crowded
4-cheap and safe
5-nice people

Cairo :)

Dahab , the people are very friendly its cheap and has nice beaches

I am hoping to come to Egypt soon. I will look into Dahab. Thanks for your suggestion. I hope to take a couple of years to study music and am looking for a piano and voice teacher - also to study some Arabic. I live in Canada (speak English and French) and want a change in my life. I like your other comments too and appreciate your insights. I noticed you know midwifery too. I am into everything natural, was as exercise teacher and work with essential oils, know detox, and how to treat pain and injury. Now I want to begin a new life. I am too comfortable and stagnating and feel a need for challenge and to learn something new.


El gouna but it is not cheap can go to Hurgada to buy ur staff

Dahab is such a lovely place to live in, but it will not be easy to find a place to study music or to learn Arabic in dahab.

Cairo for sure, has all the options in it. If you want some vacation, you can visit any other city by the red sea or the med sea

Second option is Alexandria then you have Sharm Sheik or Hurgahada.

Other than these, not recommended.

Definitely Dahab , a very relaxed & chilled place to live , you will live by the sea , low crimes rate , safe , cheap , you can rent a nice 2 bedroom flat for around 800 pounds (110$ ) , and meals range between 10 to 30 pounds , you can work as an entertainer ( play music in beach bars or night spots ) , it's a nature lovers heaven , you can as well learn arabic there , a lot will help u in this , and sharm el shaikh is just 80 km away  with all shopping & medical facilities  , good luck and please let me know if u need more info

I want to know plz

Superstar7890 :

I want to know plz

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Maadi, Cairo


When it comes to (calm,cheap) i should agree..
But it's not safe right now..

Mohandessin or Zamalek @ Giza
Maadi @ Cairo

Did you go to Dhahab

Still not safe?

It's very safe. But like anywhere else in the world you need to be wise and careful.

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