Living in Cairo: Compound or not?

Dear All,

My name is Silvia, I'm 35 and in October I will be mum for the first time. at the end of 2014 me and my baby will join dad who is working in Cairo since few weeks.

We are looking for a suitable house and we are a little puzzled about the right location: should we live inside a compound where everything looks cleaner and calmer but quite isolated as well, or shoud we choose a suburb like Maadi that may be more cahothic but where a mummy and her baby can find shops, cafes, pharmacies close to home.

has anybody already made such a choice? Would you give me some advises?

thank you!!

Depends on your budget.
I lov3d living in a compound - able ti walk every evening easily with the kids

out budget allows us to live inside a compound so my partner is thinking of choosing Kattameya heights, anybody living there?

Khaori :

out budget allows us to live inside a compound so my partner is thinking of choosing Kattameya heights, anybody living there?

Speaking of compounds I really recommend Kattameya Heights.

I will visit kattameya heights for sure, I want to see how far are the main facilities such ad farmacy, shops, cafes etc.

Hi Silvia,

Due to the current political situation, you will be much safer in a compound. I doubt you will be able to have a relaxing walk in Maadi at present. People are kind of watching their backs, and assault on women are common nowadays. … s-bathroom

:/  really??.

Hi Silvia, Katameya Compound is a nice place & is quite safe as well. You may like to explore this compound. Venu

Hey dear,
I am ur agevas will but with an older kids .
We had to move to Cairo last year
We choose to live in a compound I went to kattamya but during my search for a new house I found I nice villa with golf course view in Mirrage City ..
Its a safe high quality kind of living area
U can give it a visit ..
I started driving I did find a few close places that can serve our needs
Wish u all the luck dear
I would like to meet u as both of us r new in Cairo

Living in a compound is a better choice nowadays

I've just came back to Italy after my first visit to Cairo.
we are still looking for a flat but we decided to focus on Maadi as I will not be able to drive a car at first.

I think I'll be back in August to continue our research (I hope we will find soon the right house!) if so, I'll tell you and meet for sure!

Hi, I have 2 small kids and I lived in Maadi Degla for 1 year. I hated it so much. There were barely any pavement or even place to walk, I had to walk next to the cars with the kids. It was impossible to use the pushchair. I had hard time to cross the road with the kids because of the heavy traffic. It was smoggy, dirty, crowded and noisy even though we lived in a "good" neighborhood.
This spring we moved to a compound in 6 October and I can not tell how much better it is. With small kids it is so good, calm, there are wide pavements, mild traffic, fresh air, clean and arranged. There are a lot of small groceries, shops and restaurants, pharmacies nearby and I do not have a hard time anymore if I have to arrange something alone because I feel safe all the time. There is a lot of green area to have a walk with the kids without running into garbage, stray animals, beggars or without getting harassed.
Oh, and if you are wondering - the rental cost was exactly the same at both locations - 4500EGP

Dear Sylvia
First, congratulations on the new baby
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if you want the area of course it depends on your husband working area , and if  he work on the field or not, usally the compund is good and secure, it does not mean that outside side area is not secure, for example Maadi , Zamalek is good area to leave on it , prices varied of course , and even in maadi there some little componds , a lot of services a lot of expat .
so the question where u want to leave .

Gd luck

Dear all, in the end we will live in Maadi :)

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