Moving to Cairo.where to live?

Hello my family is moving to Egypt to work at Heliopolis.I have read conflicting info about where to live.Maadi or zamalek or Heliopolis.My son will be going to an international school.We need a 3 bedroom and two bath flat for about 2000dollars.And also how long can it take us to find a flat.We will be in a hotel till we get one.Thank you :)

What place is closest  to Heliopolis and safe with less traffic?And clean

Greetings,  best places is Maadi safety and quiet area (Moderated: No free ad/ Please post in the section housing in Cairo)

sure rehab the best place for you and your family.

Dear , as other replies Rehab and New Cairo the best for you as your family work in Heliopolis they are very clean and secure But your Must Must have a car , all foreigners here Love Maadi as it have it's own sole the trees and community you living in and all services around you  and it's clean and secure For find a flat in Maadi and New Cairo I'm very good in that and I will do it free for you but unfortunately I'm not working in Rehab
- Feel free to contact me any time even for general information you want to know I'm Heba Kawkab 012711-11568

Thank you all somuch for your insightful help.This has been of great help.Which is closer to Heliopolis?Most people seem to suggest Maadi.We will have a car but I like walking sometimes so I am a little confused with Rehab.And then then I get bad reviews about Maadi being crowded and I don't know..I guess when we come we will take a look at the options and area.I will keep your numbers if I need help.Thanks again

Pls another concern.Why are most flats furnished?I am not sure if we need to ship our things?.My concern is I don't want to be scared of my kids destroying something or writing on chairs because they are kids.What are the terms when renting furnished flats?
Also I need a ground floor.flat.Due to my kids.I won't feel comfortable on a higher floor.Do they have back yards where they can play.Are they private.They are used to space and privacy.i am worried because all I see with yards are villas which look normal to me but are expensive,

And also how long can it take to get a place.One week or more?Hope it's not long,I don't like hotels.Thank you

firstly i think you can find apartment less than 2000 USD and  you can find it whether furnished or not , there are both of them , i found apartment in Almaza ( Gulf area ) with 4000 EGP ( Furnished )
check this link
and google it and u will find a lot

Thank you Ahmed.where is Almaza?

Chiaku :

Thank you Ahmed.where is Almaza?

It's area inside Heliopolis,( Misr el-Gedida ) (Misr al Jadidah ) and it's very nice also as Heliopolis specially Thawra St.
Check it on Google Map


-If you are going to work in east CAI (like Heliopolis), stay in Madinaty or Rehab. Big gated compounds with 24h security. Well maintained facilities. Private clubs.

If Heliopolis your vital location better not to go far like Zamalek or Maadi cause u will spend half day in traffic.
Arround Heliopolis u can find a nice flat less than US$ 1000. If like Rehab City it will be a wise to rent a separate villa againest US$ 1500. A Privat Bus each 20 mn moving to Helioplis and safety.
Best wishes.
Me not mediator, just advice as I am living there.

hi    i am the owner of an elegant flat in rehab city with 2 bedroom  2 bathrooms 3 receptions furnished with modern furniture and air condition. how long you will stay.and what is the nationality, if you are interested i can send you picture of the flat and you will not pay any fees because it is directly from the owner     thanks

It really depends on where your husband's job will be and where your son's school is.

Generally speaking though I wouldn't go for Heliopolis... its a very nice neighborhood and all... but both Zamalek and Maadi are far better especially due to the fact that both have large xpat communities, and the largest concentration of xpat friendly services and entertainment venues.

Zamalek is Arts capital of Cairo, and Maadi is quite possibly the best residential area in the city. and Your budget should be enough to find what you are looking for in both.

So its a question of what you are looking for in a neighborhood and where you want to be close to.

Hope this helps


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