Renting an apartment in Cairo

Hi, I am moving to Cairo next month.

Is it reliable to rent from websites like

What is norm with rentals?
What usually comes with rentals?
Do kitchen usually come installed in flat? I was told houses don't usually come with kitchens installed.

What else needs to be installed usually?
Please help. Thank you.

Hello I can tell it depends on the category of flats you will rent from so there are some furnished and some no

Never heard of a rented flat not having a kitchen! Unless renting for a short period through Airbnb or similar you really need to view flats in person. It may be possible online but would not recommend.

As mentioned all tastes of furnished or unfurnished apartments are available. If furnished you may just need to buy some pots, pans, plates etc. but possibly not.

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I have lived and rented in Egypt 13 years and the only thing in the kitchen if you are lucky is a sink....but if you are very rich in Maadi and Zamalic there are flats with kitchens already set up...most you have to buy every thing including lights shower heads all furniture carpets water heater electric or gas any thing you will need most flats have small kitchens....but Egypt is lovely I love Egypt

Pls I am interested. How much?
Candidly, I am looking for a furnished one bedroom flat or apartment or studio for one month

olx .com is the best n rental!

FURNISHED FROM 2,000 TO 50,000 a month
pick your area then ask all area different

I need one. Could please assist in getting a furnished one bedroom either in nasr city, Giza, maadi, heloopolis or 6th October. The room could from 2500-4000 le.

Please home much is the apartment

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