Family Visa

Hi can any one tell me how much time it takes to get the family visa in Bahrain.
& is there any way I can check whether my employer has actually applied for my family visa or not???
as my employer is saying they have applied but I doubt they have applied it or not.




The time usually depends its not fixed and on the relationship between LMRA and your company.

you could visit this link :


Hi all.. :)  i have asked my company to apply for Family visa for my visa.. The said it was already applied and you ill get soon.. i have been waiting for past three weeks and I am receiving the same reply from the company.. I have checked in the below website by entering my WIFE passport no and it shows ""Error! The requested record does not exist in the system!"" it means whether the company has not applied for visa (or) how to track family visa status by using my wife passport no.Thanks . :) … ervice_tab

dear Thiagu

There is no other way to track, you can ask you employer to give you the application number if the passport number is not working.


thanks for ur reply..actually i have tried by entering my cpr no and passport expiry date in the below link and checked in the dependents page and it is mentioned as "You don't have any dependent(s) under your Work Visa" it means my company agent has not started the visa process? i heard it will be mentioned as processing if ur visa process is it so??.(or) there is no relation with this page indication with visa processing?..pls clarify

it will also depend on when did the employer submit the application, if it was like a week may be you could give it sometime, but if it is more than a week then there are chances that they have not applied.

hi,,,my wife visa status is shown as "Legal Status :Dependent Visa is in Progress...Information-Updated..and monthly fees my wife visa is ready ? r what is meant by in progress..still some approval is admin said visa is ready..i am out of station now so what to make sure of it..

Dear thiagu1,

it may take some time for it to change status from "in progress". If the visa is approved the agent can give you the copy of the same.


hi.... my dependent visa status is still mentioned as "  Dependent Visa is in Progress..." in the LMRA expart portal site... what will be the next status after this... can me tell the procedure after this status?...agent said no rejection with the submitted documents..pls clarfiy

In my case same status was appearing on LMRA that visa is in progress and then suddenly status changed one day that visa rejected i asked PRO he said that as per immigration my wife already have visa and i have 3 wives in system  :o  ...PRO said he has to apply manually.

Now its been 4 working weeks and he still saying its in process. Nothing is appearing now on LMRA.

Can anyone suggest here.. how to check actual story.. can i go to immigration myself to check? long the status was apprearing in LMRA site in this case for you..and after how many days it shown visa is rejected..

Hi Brother,

how can i check my family visa status. could you please send me the link and advise how to go through it. thank you


Put your  CPR and passport expiry date and then it should show you all the needed info.


I'm Facing the exact same situation. I cannot track the status through express service.

Is this express portal is active only if the visa is issued or during the application itself?

It is active if application has been lodged.  Best way to search is through application number.

If your employer is government or semi government, then the application isn't through LMRA and won't appear on express services.

Thank you for the information XTang.

Normally how many days will it take to process the application and insurance of dependent visa?

Read this sticky for process and timelines:

Thanks again.

I have one more query.

I'm an Indian National.
My passport and my wife's passport is updated with spouse name. Is it required to attest    my passport in this condition? For applying dependent visa?

Passport is never attested.  Only marriage certificate and birth certificate are required to be attested.

I'm sorry i was meant to ask if my marriage certificate needs to be attested if both passport having spouse name (husband & wife) for Bahrain residential visa?

Yes.  LMRA ask for it most of the times.

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