New to Brussels, looking for some friends!

Hi there,

I am an Indian girl looking for some friends in Brussels. I don't know anyone here and the language barrier is adding to my discomfort! :) I speak Hindi and English.
If interested.. drop-in a post!


Hi An, soon we will be moving to Brussels as well, or I should add East of Brussels, so I will drop a line when we finally relocate. One of my best friends is from India as well, to be more exact Tamil region and I know I will miss her very, very much.

What of India are you from and what are you about doing in Brussels?


I am from Delhi and am doing my postdoc at the UCL university.
I am putting up in Brussels east. Do drop in a line when you arrive here.

Good luck.

Good, I will be working on UCL campus and same here - east Brussels.


That's brilliant!
Lemme know when you land here. Will catch up sometime.

hi An:)
I'm from Poland and I'm on the lookout for some friends!
Drop me a message if you want to meet up:)

Hi Fedzia,

Welcome to Brussels.
Yeah sure, we can catch up sometime!
Where do u live? and what brings you to Brussels?

Hey there,

Me and another expat are having a drink tomorrow night next to Bourse station.
Feel free to join us if you want,
Keep in touch,

Hi, I am moving to Belgium in Feb 2010 with my wife and daughter. The medical researcher part caught my eye - my work is connected too. We are currently in Holland. Did you manage to connect with any Indians in Belgium?

Hi An...

even im new to brussels and luking for some frnds.....wid me also d same language reply....

take care.........

Hi, Have just moved to Brussels after 10 years of living in Italy (but I'm British) and would love to meet people. If you're around for a drink sometime in the New Year, please let me know.

We go out at 8pm at O'Reillys tonight if you wanna come,

Hi! I'm moving to Brussels in January the 4th, would be cool to make some friends cause I don't know anyone there! I'm studying travel and tourism in Finland and will do my internship in Brussels. So if someone would like to show me around or go for a drink or two, or whatever, let me know! :)

Yes Nelli,
No problem. We are quite a group now from so we go out at least once or twice a week together.
We will celebrate the new year the first week of January so you'll be able to come :)
I'll let you know when.
Have a wonderful Xmas,

Awesome :) merry christmas to you too!

Welcome :)

Hey id be interested in meeting up however i'm not so sure were i am going to end up moving to however Belgium is a small country so travel will be easy

hi i am new in brussels


Where do u stay gal..



I am from Nepal and staying in Belgium from last september. It would be interesting to me to meet others friends. I am student in UCL, getting Master in International relations;

please, fell free to contract me.


Hello an

I am from nepal. I am trying to learn Hindi, i speak french ans english;

Me too, looking for the friends from the different countires.

please, fell free to communiate.

what are  you doing? 

An0251 :

Hi there,

I am an Indian girl looking for some friends in Brussels. I don't know anyone here and the language barrier is adding to my discomfort! :) I speak Hindi and English.
If interested.. drop-in a post!


new in bruxelles:X


when are you coming Brussels?
where are you going to do your internship??


hello shastri....i,m coming to Brussels in june...and i wonder if u know a cheap place to stay....? keep in touch..

Hello Bogdan.Oan.,

I guess you shall start a new thread concerning your accommodation purpose, else this thread might go off-topic.

Thanks for your kind comprehension.


Je suis nouvelle à Bruxelles, so je suis intéressée à visiter et découvrir cette ville avec Vous!
Ready to discover some new friends and to go out!

A bientôt j'espère


Bonjour Eli,

moi, j'aimerais bien avoir des amis sur Bruxelles. Où habites-tu à Bruxelles? on peut communiquer par mail privé si tu veux bien..

Je laisse mon email:


à bientôt.

Hi An,
How are you?

I'm indian too living in Brussels.

How is your french doing now?

Dean Wayne26

always interested in a chat and meet. hugs rudy

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Hello !
Welcome " I would be glad to befriend you " .

Maddy :)

Hi Maddy!

I'm not American but I go to college in DC as an international student at American University. I'll be studying abroad in Brussels this semester though, you wanna meet up?



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