Degree attestation from Pakistan (Help Needed)

Hi Guys,

I am stuck in a bad situation and need your help.

I have been offered a Master’s place at a reputable university in Spain. The thing is I applied for the place based on my BSC from Oxford Brookes University.

Here are my concerns:

Extract from Embassy

“Certificates proving Educational level: only Original Degree and Educational Certificates
Will be accepted and they must be attested by HEC/ IBCC, MoFA and the Embassy of
Spain (Degree means Degree Certificate with transcript).

If student is going for research investigation studies leading to Doctorate, Master studies
Or Bachelor studies he/she shall have all Educational Certificates”


1. since all my qualifications (O levels, A levels and Bsc (hons) from Oxford Brookes) are UK based, what will be the exact procedure for the attestations?  Can I get it attested from British council or do I need to get my qualifications attested from IBCC and HEC respectively?
2. is it necessary to go to some agent for this or can I do everything myself?
3. What else can i do right now to save time, apart from the degree attestations?

Any helpful comment will be highly appreciated. Thanks

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