RES and BOI - Any advice to how we can settle in Mauritius?


My husband and I are currently in Mauritius on holiday. We are planning to move here, start a small business and buy a house. We would like to gain permanent residentship because we are looking to settle, have kids etc. We ask a lot and it is not that easy to get what we want. Our business for instance will never make the required turnover. So we were thinking about buying a house under the RES scheme. But we hear this is very expensive for what we get plus there are many hidden costs....
it also feels like going to live in a golden cage and we wanted to live in Mauritius, among Mauritian people.
Any information or tips would be useful: a realtor you can recommend? Does anyone have experience with presenting their case to the board of investment?

Thanks in advance!

Hello O&G and welcome here :)

While waiting for members to enlighten you somehow, I suggest you browse through threads by ''forum Categories''.

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Do not forget to read some articles in our Living in Mauritius guide.

Wish you all the best for your project :top:


We are in the exact same position so please if you hear anything further keep me posted and I will do the same!

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Hi Deborah,

It is great to know that we are not alone :-) Thus far nothing new: we have been to the BOI and received the application papers but they made it clear (in a very friendly way, the lovely Mauritian style)  that there will be no exceptions regarding annual turnover expectations.
They recommended us to apply as a professional.
We have an appointment next week to go and look at RES properties and we'll go from there....

Let us know how it works out for you!


Dear Kenjee,

Thanks for the info! We will keep on browsing :-)

Hello there.

The RES / IRS villas (of more than USD500,000) will give you a Permanent Residency which will stand valid as long as you are owners of the property.

In fact, this is probably the easiest way to stay in Mauritius for an indefinite period. This is a good choice if you're not sure whether you'll be able to satisfy the 'turnover' condition of your business. It also does not prevent you from opening businesses.

As regards the BOI procedures, this is fairly simple. They don't need to assess any projects / business plans that you submit.  The RES/IRS has prior approval from the BOI itself and any purchaser already has the first part (property) already approved.

The property itself may not always match the price. Lots have been said and repeated on this. Some of the properties do not even qualify (quality-wise) to be call luxury villas. But, you have quite some choices around.  So take your time, go visit the properties yourselves as far as possible. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

All the best.

Dear Nadeem,

Your answer has been very helpful, thanks!
We have made appointments to see properties next week.
We keep our fingers crossed :-)

Thanks again!

My pleasure.

All the best.


It is possible to buy a property other than RES, irs being a foreigner. You can apply for an occupation permit as professional.

We already have clients who did it and can be for reference.

Kindly contact us for more information

You are allowed to purchase apartment in a complex having  ground +2 floors in case of Occupation Permit and it is not only limited to Professionals

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