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Hi ,
I have sent my medical certificate to my new healthcare company for starting the visa process . Now I want to know how much time it will take to complete my visa ?

Hi sandeepmala,

If your prospective company has the clearance for your position, then your employment visa should not take no more than a working week - maximum.

If they do not have the required job clearance for your post, and are trying to get one, how long it would take is something no one, including your employer can tell.

Please read through the forum on the numerous other posts on the same subject for further details.

actually it depends on company ...if vacancy of that position is filled by another person who persent there ..then company will hold your visa process and you should try another job for your self ...dont believe for one interview

Discover what number of schedule days it has taken us to process applications for our most normal visas in the 3 months to 1 October 2019. For applications that take over 90 days we have adjusted that number to the closest month. For instance, if applications take 110 days, we state it takes 4 months.

No time limit for Oman work Visa processing time

i dont understand .you what is meant bu discovering dates can you explain briefly

The longest i experienced was five months

medical expired at that time i think

My passport will expire on Feb 5, 2020 and already applied for renewal but didn’t receive yet. My resident card and working visa will expire on January 17,2020. My flight schedule is on Jan 22.   Started the visa and resident card renewal so Medical is done, I went to SANAD for typing but they said my passport is near expiry and needed to be valid 6months atleast. My questions are:

1) If going to another Sanad office, will there be any difference? If not, will they accept  if i got to extend my passport validity in my embassy?

2) If non of the above is possible, what will be your advise? what should i do?😅


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