Any Ukrainian /Russian shops here in South Africa?

Hi, my name is Inna, I am Ukrainian living in SA. I love the country and the nature, of course there is always negative sides to every country but lets be positive :) I wouldn't mind to communicate with some Russian speaking ladies to make friends and to go shopping together :) Also I really need to find out if there is any Russian/Ukrainian shops in South Africa that sell our native things such as food and cosmetics??? Please please contact me!

Hello and welcome to, Inna :)
Besides you, there are two other Ukranian expatriates in South Africa registred with! Feel free to contact them.

hi my gf from thr ukraine is now in johannesburg and wanting to meet friends.  please sms me 0724322407

Hi am not Russian but I hanged out with a few. Am American . If you know some things let me know

Hello -> Just to note that this thread is dated 2010 and is quite old! :)

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can you help me with Russian speaking people. I want to visit Belarus

hi it is pieter again, any Russian speaking people. I want to visit Belarus and need Russian speaking people to fill me in about the language etc..

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dinaradi wrote:

Zdrastvui, ja s Litvi no uze zdies 14 liet. Zyla vsio vriemia v Cape Towne sicias tolko mesec kak zdies v Johannesburge. Niznaju nikogda neslysala pro shops, nu znaju niekotorye ruskye prodojot food domasnie. Ja zivu Bryanstone, a ty gdie?? Ja engaged vot potomu I perejiehola. Niznaju ja tak privykla k Cape Town Niznaju kak to tezelo mnie poka zdies, nikokogo relax I nietu sea  :( rabotala vsio vriemia juvelyrnam mogozyne I ucylas na beautician. Pridiotsa sicias rabotat is doma. A ty sto zdies?? Davai vot moi nomer napisi na w***

Tut indian paren iskal podrugu svojai Ukrainian wife, okozalos ona s nego dovno zbezala, I on iscyt novuju zenu ruskuju  :D ja tak smejalas tut tokye na etom saite ja obsikajus.

ENGLISH only please as this is an English speaking forum.
Thank you.

Hi Inna, I am South African and my wife Russian. We live in the Cape Town area. I believe the best way to find out if there are Ukrainian/Russian shops in your area is to Google "Russians in South Africa" or "Internations" (very informative website). We experienced that Ukrainian/Russians living in South Africa are the best source to find out about shops in your area.

Kind regards, Johann


which area do you live in?