Life Partner Visa application - Proposed Activities & supporting docs

I'm in the process of applying for a Life Partner Visa for South Africa. My partner and I have been together since 2011 and due to the visa process, I've been back and forth between the US (my home country) and SA since then. It's tiring and it's expensive and so we've decided to apply for the LP Visa in order to give us some stability (and because we love each other   :shy )

I have a few questions about the application because the process is not very clear.

Firstly, the application I am using is a 'temporary residence' application, with an Life Partner Affidavit attached. Is this correct, or should I be applying for a relatives permit?

Second, in the application it asks for an outline of proposed activities while I'm in the Republic. What should I put here, since i'm applying for a 2 year visa.  Additionally, I want to make application for a work endorsement, but I was told only to do this once my Visa has been approved. Therefore, should I mention that I intend to work whilst I'm there even though I won't have any supporting documents? Should I say I plan to look for employment?

Lastly, I have a charge on my records for possessing a false ID (typical mistake from college). Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Should i include a letter explaining the situation?

Thanks for any help! Much appreciated!!

Hi Quaggakid,

The process sounds ok to me. I follow another expat site chatted expat forum where I've read about the process. I plan to lodge one relatively soon too.

as far as I've read applying under temporary residence (sec 11 (6)) is better than relatives (sec 18) as (if I understand correctly) you can't get a work endorsement on the relatives visa.

I think perhaps put that you intend to reside with your partner and look for work if both are possible. I'm not sure what would rattle the department in this instance. I've read that you need to include proof that your partner can support you (proof of income exceeding 8500 per month) as the expectation is that unless there is an offer with your application, they don't want you presenting yourself as a potential burden on the state.

As.for the charge I don't think a letter would hurt. I'm not sure how seriously they'll take such a charge. But it doesn't hurt to try mitigate. Will you be applying through VFS or back home at the embassy? Did you get a cohabitation agreement done? I have one but no joint lease/bank account. I'm thiking of getting an account with signing rights for him or me just to add on.

Just comparing notes!

Good luck!

Hi all,

To anyone looking for information about applying for a Life Partner Visa for South Africa, I have just completed the process, and I thought it would be useful to describe what documents I submitted with my application..

1. Temporary resident application form (DHA- 1738)
2. Affidavit by life partners, annexure B  ( … dables.htm
3. Police clearance from countries lived in for more than a year (in my case, South Africa) as well as a FBI clearance from the USA (my home country).
4. Medical report and radiological report
5. An affidavit from my life partner swearing that we've been in a relationship for X amount of time, that our relationship is exclusive and that he will support me financially, emotionally and spiritually. Along with the affidavit (which was signed and notarized) we submitted a copy of his passport AND South African ID, as well as 3 month bank statements, showing that he is capable of supporting me financially.
6. Email correspondence between myself and my Life Partner spanning the length of our relationship as well as a series of pictures of us together over time.
7. An invoice from our landlord with BOTH our names on it, showing that we currently are living together and we've been paying rent together. (If possible, you can also print out bank details if you have a shared bank account, letters from previous landlords saying you live together, etc.) This also serves as proof of where you will live when you arrive in S.A
8. Letters from friends and family confirming that we've been in an exclusive relationship (along with copies of their ID's or passports).
9. Copies of your bank statement to show that you can support yourself financially during your stay. (in my case, I submitted a letter from my parents stating that they will support me financially with a stipend each month. I then included bank statements proving they were able to do so).

The processing time takes about 10 days (two weeks). 

In my case, they consulate said they had contacted me to let me know that I was missing something (a copy of my partners ID), but I never received a call or message, which set my processing time back by several days. However, the rest of the process was fine and I received my permit for two years.

Hope this helps to anyone also going through the process..


Thank you for this post full of information! I have started the same process as I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a bit less than 3 years. He is South African and I am French.

I would like to have more details concerning the notorial act. I lived one year with my boyfriend and some friends (house sharing). My name was not on the contract but we managed to have a letter from the landlord stating that I was living in the house with my boyfriend and that we were sharing the same room. Our roomates also wrote a letter for us.
This year is different. I had to be back in France to finish my studies and my boyfriend came with me as he also has the German passport (passport but not the citizenship). Only my name is on the contract but once again, we got letters from the agency stating that he was living with me along with different bills and letters that were addressed to him directly to the address in France.
Do you think we can obtain a notarial act? Would our situation allow it? If yes, what documents do we need to bring to the notary?

Concerning the documents you are missing. I still have a copy of the application form with me. It says that a full birth certificate is required. Maybe this is the missing document.
It's gonna be the third time I apply for a visa and I know the South African Embassy pretty well. Don't hesitate to bother them to ask them what document is missing otherwise it will delay your application.

Thanks and good luck for the all the persons who are going through the same process.

Yes, @tebogo86, but only if you have an offer of employment.


Did you not need a notarial cohabitation contract and Certificate of Non Impediment?


Hi Fries,

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Can you give me more information with what website you used to submit your application? I am looking at the VFS website but can't find the option for a life partner visa!
Thanks :)