Legal Capacity to Marry

Hi everyone,
I am Busisiwe, residing in the Philippines.My boyfriend is a South African.
We're planning to get married here in the Philippines. One of the requirements is a legal capacity to marry. I need your ideas on the ff:
-How and where can my boyfriend get that requirement? In SA or in the SA embassy in the Phillipines?
-If in RSA, how can we make it valid in the Phils.?
- How long will it take to get it?
- Anything we need to secure for a South African intending to marry a Filipina ?
Our plan is I'd apply for a relative's permit VISA after we get married

I am hoping for your reply. Thank you very much!

Hello busisiwe

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Congratulations for your upcoming wedding  :top:

Hope somebody soon enough will help you out, I also suggest you create a new thread in the Philipinnes forum since you will be marrying over there.

Kenjee Team

Hi - if you are going to marry in Philipines, you must check with your authorities what is required. There are two forms of establishing capacity to marry:
1) Confirmation that your fiancee is single.
2) Confirmation that your fiancee is allowed legally to marry you according to your countries law.
Some countries require only the first form - assuming that a single person is allowed to marry whomever they please. Some countries require the second. The second document attempts to neutralises the "cultural" influence - like if a man is a citizen of a country allowing polygamous marriages.
If Philipines require the second one, he will need to obtain this from South Africa - and I heard it can take few months. If it takes too long, apparently you can apply for court ruling in Philipines, but you would have to check it with authorities.
I married a South African man, but we got married in South Africa - it was easier than marying in my home country.

Hello Sa11y,
Thank  you for your comment. Will make further inquiries here in the Philippines which of the two that they require.
By the way, what type of VISA did you apply for when you went to SA for the wedding? Did you apply for a different VISA after you got married?
I've been to SA last June to meet up with his family. I applied for a Visitor's VISA.
Thank you very much.

Hi Kenjee,
Thank you for your suggestion. Will create the same thread in the Phils.

God bless you

I already had a temporary residence, but you can marry on tourist visa. The thing to bear in mind is that you will have to come back to Philipines to apply for spousal visa after you are married. Unfortunately after changes in law they do not allow to make application in South Africa for change of visa status.

hi..did u get the legal capacity frm
south african embassy?

Hi minimeeh > please note that this thread is inactive since 2014. You may start a new topic and ask your questions on the South Africa forum. Thank you.

thanks cristine😃

Hello Busi
Its papi from south africa m currently dating a filipino and my gf came to south africa once nd now planning on visiting Philippines... Id like to how is it there fr tpuriat from abroad