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Latest job offers in South Africa
Cape Town
Added on 12/09/2023
400 EURO weekly
Everything you need to know to work in South Africa
Working in South Africa
Anyone who is not a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa and wishes to work in South Africa must obtain a work permit based on a job offer. The work permit is issued for the duration of the contract and is applied for at the South African embassy or consulate in the country of residence.
Internships in South Africa
The end-of-study internship represents an important step in a student's curriculum, so why not take advantage of this time to discover another country, or another culture and take the opportunity to perfect your English if it is not your mother tongue. South Africa is the ideal country for this.  
Become a digital nomad in South Africa
A digital nomad is a person who can work while traveling. No office, no fixed hours, only a laptop and a good internet connection are essential. Working online offers the freedom to live wherever you want. So can you become a digital nomad in South Africa?  
Find a job in South Africa
South Africa's labor market is very open to foreign expertise. Expatriates wishing to settle there may try their luck in different fields.
Setting up a business in South Africa
South Africa occupies a central economic position on the African continent and setting up a business there is a real strategic choice because this country has a stable, diversified and expanding economy.
The labor market in South Africa
Young professionals moving to South Africa to work are advised to inquire on its labor market beforehand. Here is an overview.
Job candidates in South Africa
Rozetta Manuel
Permanent contract
Added on 27/02/2024
ZAR 25000
Added on 27/02/2024
USD 500
Customer Services Consultant
Craig-Jody Zimri
Permanent contract
Western Cape
Added on 25/02/2024
TRY 15000
Added on 21/02/2024
Job application in Finance and accounting
+223 74376417/ +223 64019
Permanent contract
Added on 19/02/2024
Added on 15/02/2024
USD 200
Kempton Park
Added on 14/02/2024
USD 4500
HD mechanic
Permanent contract
Added on 07/02/2024
USD 5000
Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality
Added on 31/01/2024
USD 3700
Added on 15/01/2024
USD 3000
PIRB Licensed Plumber
Damon Halderman
Permanent contract
Added on 12/01/2024
ZAR 90000
Added on 05/01/2024
USD 14999
G. Gondah Lekpeh
Fixed-term contract
Cape Town
Added on 30/12/2023
USD 7000
Heavy equipment mechanic
Adriaan Smit
Permanent contract
Added on 14/12/2023
USD 6000
15yrs community development.
louise musumbu
Permanent contract
Added on 09/12/2023
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