Cancellation of life partner permit

Hi guys.I assisted m bf to get a life partner permit and its been almost 9 years when it expires he renew it.We never stay together but we have been in a relationship since he arrives here in south africa.I found out that he never loved me and he is using me just to get the permit.I told him that i want to cancel the permit and he threatened me.

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I suggest that you contact the authorities regarding this matter. They are better suited to help you.

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Contact Home Affairs. Alsoi nforml them anout the threats. It's Gender Based  Voilence and can be reported as such as well.

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Hi Precious, was this resolved? I need your guidance. In the same bout

@Precious30 contact me. I need your help dear sister***. Same bout

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@Precious30 I hope you get help fast hey


I want to cancel my life partner permit.

please anyone tell me how I do?

Any email?

Any contact number?