Accommodation in Pretoria

Accommodation in Pretoria
Updated 2020-04-23 12:41

With a conservative and often Afrikaans population, Pretoria is rather welcoming toward expatriates from around the world. Indeed, many of them have moved there, either to work or to study in a multicultural environment.

Pretoria is also South Africa's administrative capital city, hosting most of the country's government, parastatal and administrative institutions. Moreover, you will find two prestigious universities, namely UNISA, the world's biggest distance learning institution, and the University of Pretoria, where thousands of international students enrol every year.

Regardless of the purpose of your stay in Pretoria, you will have no trouble in finding accommodation thanks to its developed rental market. However, take the time to choose the ideal neighbourhood and the housing unit which best suits your needs and budget.

Neighbourhoods in Pretoria

Pretoria consists of several commercial, industrial and residential neighbourhoods. The original city centre is known for early 19th-century architecture. It bustles with activity and you are advised to be vigilant when driving and parking, especially at night. Adjacent to the centre is a neighbourhood called Sunnyside, filled with apartment blocks that offer cheaper accommodation. Slightly further away, near the Union Buildings (which encompass the president's offices) and foreign embassies is Arcadia. In general, expatriate communities tend to flock together in this area because it's close to work and good schools. Laudium is another area where you find expats, and here they're more likely to be from South Asia.

The West and Northeast, for their part, include two townships, namely Atteridgeville and Mamelodi.

A new centre, Hatfield, has formed around the University of Pretoria. Here you'll find typical student accommodation in apartments or houses shared by young people. This new centre is surrounded by more suburban areas like Groenkloof, Waterkloof, Lynnwood and Queenswood, which house larger properties, such as bungalows or mansions. Further afield are more suburbs that sprawl across the hills of Tshwane (the name of the larger municipal area of Pretoria).

Rent prices in Pretoria

Rent prices in Pretoria are rather lower than those of other major cities such as Cape Town. Moreover, the neighbourhood and surface area have less of an impact on the rent price. Access to the university might make a difference.

For example, in 2020, you can get a bachelor flat in the city central for R3 805 per month and 1-bedroom apartment in Hatfield for R7 500 per month. Further away, for bigger, family-orientated accommodation, you can get a 2-bedroom duplex in Lynnwood for R9 900 a month. A 4-bedroom house in Lynnwood could cost you R 19 500 a month while a 5-bedroom villa in Waterkloof Ridge fetches R37 000 per month.

Good to know:

Flat sharing is quite widespread in Pretoria due to the presence of a large number of students in the city. However, you can also find studios, flats and houses in the different commercial, business and residential neighbourhoods.

Find accommodation in Pretoria

Pretoria has quite a modern and dynamic population. Therefore, you are very likely to find housing ads on the Internet via different specialised websites and other virtual platforms. Networking may be the ideal solution for students, especially if they are looking for a flat-share. Feel free to spread the word among your friends and contacts on the spot.

Housing ads are also available in local newspapers such as Pretoria News and The Star. However, if you have moved to South Africa for the first time, it is best to register with a real estate agency which can help you find accommodation as per your criteria more rapidly and assist you with relating formalities.

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