Travelling with VFS Receipt

Hi everyone,

Is anyone able to assist me with the following - I applied for a spousal visa in Nov 2022 and I am still awaiting the outcome.

I am residing in South Africa while I wait for the outcome and I am Zimbabwean and have a Zimbabwean Passport.

I want to travel to Zimbabwe via Botswana for a few days in April so I just want to know will they allow me to cross through the South Africa/Botswana Border and Botswana/Zimbabwe Border and back again into South Africa through the same route using the VFS receipt or am I not allowed to travel until I have received the outcome of my VISA application?

Any information regarding this will be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, with the current directive in place, you are allowed to travel using your VFS receipt however, this is currently only until 31 March 2023. We are waiting for the minister of home affairs to extend the direct which will most likely happen by the end of March. If you have any further questions or require assistance you can contact us on******

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@tracylaurynsim Please read the following Gazette carefully … plications

Hi I have similar question I'm married in South Africa and I'm on spousal visa I came india to meet my family now the new notice says must apply for visitor visa to re enter in south africa so I applied for that but I'm worried if they ask me for return ticket cz normally for visitor u have to have a return ticket but here the situation is diffrent so what must I do will they allow me to pass thru immigration in india ?

Hi plz anyone that can assist

Thank u