Questions during interview - registration of marriage

I am a foreigner residing in south Africa and have been staying with my woman for five years now,paid lobola for her two years ago,we have decided to register our marriage WTH home affairs Bt I was told by home affairs that an interview needs to be done first,anyone knw what questions they ask coz I'm clueless and juss need a heads up.thank u in advance to those that WL help

1. what is ur wife name?
2. de names of in laws
3. r de two of staying togeda or separate
4. does she no ur parents?
5. hw old is ur wife
6. wn wz she born
7. v de two of u been to ur country b4?
8. wn did u pay de lobola
9. wat wrk is ur doin
  n de same set of qts fr ur wife n de ans frm u n ur wife mst be de same n frm nw if de two of u r nt using de same rum u mst start nw.tnx

Thx Coby,its easier than I Thor,I Thot they wud ask some funny complex questions,much appreciated.

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Oh guy I have never seen any Government department in the world which don't respect clients to their offices like home affairs. In fact they don't have respect to  foreigners. Be ready to be handled like you belong nowhere and your wife may choose to cancel that marriage and its done by Home affairs without hearing from your side. 
Permits renewal was given to another company but surprisingly they tell people for delayed permits that its Home affairs which know the cause for delays. You submit papers to that office containing all the requirements they need but after several months they tell you that some papers were missing , therefore do it again with fresh payments.

Therefore be prepared for the worse and deeper there in their communities they train women that as soon as you marry a foreigner he becomes your asset.


Cobby / Ray: what was the waiting time before yo got called for an interview after submitting your documents? I have been waiting since mid Aug at the Cape Town office

When I applied for my PR they asked me for the birthday of my in-laws... The fact that I didn't remember had no bearing on my application.

Has anyone recently been to the department of home affairs for an interview to marry a foreigner? I would like to know what questions they ask as I will be going for an interview in January 2019.


I'm also going for the interview in January, I'm so anxious to know what questions they ask and how long the interview usually lasts.

I'm a non South African with a South African fiancé waiting for the interview in February. I also want to know the recent questions.

Did you get married? What was the interview like? I am trying to get married in August 2019, please let me know what to expect and how we can make this happen when I'm there for 2 weeks.

Dear Bluefa

Good day. We're scheduled for the Home affairs ceremony at the beginning of May. Our interview was on the 18th February 2019, but since March and April was fully booked. We are scheduled for May.

Don't be nervous about the questions. Coz they are only asking /asked us the basic questions, like: " when did you met, what's your partners' birth date, does he have kids, did you met his siblings, what's their names, where do you stay in SA, what did you eat the previously night, where did you met and how long have you been dating for?"

On the other hand, if you're only there for 2 weeks then you need more days. As for me, my days were almost finished and I have to go back home to do a visitor/holiday visa. Unless you have to apply for more days via, as soon as you get here. Did you booked for the interview?

Good luck 🤞🏿

We haven't booked the marriage apt yet. I am in the USA and he is in SA. He is waiting to get a copy of his divorce decree and I am waiting to get "single status" letter. I read you must make apt with all the documents and both of you go to Home Affairs in person, although once we both receive our documents we are waiting for he is going to try to make the apt without me. As I understand it really depends on who helps you. Ideally he makes the apt so that when I arrive it's set, but if we have to wait till I arrive I worry we will get the marriage interview. I extended my stay another week, but still that leaves us with only 3 weeks to make the apt. I am so worried we won't be able to get this done, it is frustrating we can't plan it. He lives in Benoni. Any advice? Can he try to make the apt without the documents? Will he be able to make it without me? I feel like the only way we can get married is if he can make the interview apt for when I arrive, if we both have to wait till I arrive I don't know if we will be issued a marriage interview in 3 weeks. Now to get married in HA, how does that work. Do we have to set another apt to actually get married after the interview. We would have preferred an off site setting, but it's just too complicated. Can we plan to get married right after the interview??

I'm not the right person to answer such further. I'm also a Namibian, and my fiancé made the booking appointment without me. And when I got here in SA 🇿🇦, we went for the interview which I believe it's a must for the both parties to attend.

Which DHA did your fiancé go to make the marriage interview apt? It says both people are supposed to go in person with the documentation to even make the marriage apt? My fiancé lives in Benoni. I'm so worried we won't be able to get the interview, I have extended the trip to 3 weeks.

I did the interview and was told will be called back but 2 weeks later no response from Home affairs, anyone no how long they take or experienced such?

Hi how long did they take to give a go ahead to get married after the interview?

Did you marry first and then get an interview? Or interview and then marriage?

Also, how do you get in contact with them in Namibia?

Wanting to marry in Namibia.. thankyou