South African marrying a British citizen

Hey guys.

I am a 42 year old woman who fell in love with my 46 year old fiancé, also a woman.
We have been dating for almost 2 years and have been visiting each other often. I just came back last week from my 6 month stay with her.

She is a teacher in England and only have school holidays to travel. We are planning on getting married in April 2018 when she will visit me for Easter. Note that she only has 2 weeks holiday.

I just came back from home affairs in George. I asked what is needed to marry and they said both our ID's, her passport and visa. That will all be great. Then the lady told me that she will habe to be in the country for 90 days!!! She has got a job to return to and can't just stay for that long. This is for Immigration to check and make sure she is allowed to marry, which she will be. The lady suggested I use a pastor to write a note saying that he is marrying us within a certain date so that Immigration will prioritise our papers. I don't know any marriage officials in this area.

Has anybody got any advice for me? I feel extremely down and not sure what to do or where to go. When my fiance asked a solicitor about the letter to say she is unmarried, he said we are part of the commonwealth  and don't need anything like that. But this lady told me she will have to have an original letter of non impediment from her country. Does anybody know where she can get this from?

I would appreciate any advice, suggestions or help.

Thank you

hello Rene

Uk no longer provides a letter of impediment. If you go to GOV.UK website and download the
article which says that.

your  partner can get a Affidavt saying she is not married.

You can also ask to do your marriage in the home office, it may be easier for you both that way.

good luck


Thank you for your response. I made an appointment at the British High Commissioner and they gave me a letter saying that they don't issue the letter of none impediment. So I have the letter now.

My newest challenge is that I am going to hand in the letter from the Commissioner together with my partners Affidavit which was done by a notary public and a copy of the passport, so that they can investigate the authentication of the document, because once that is done, we took the part that would take the longest to do out of the way. When my partner gets here then, hopefully we will have a date to be interviewed and after we can have our wedding.

Then the games begin for me to apply for a spouse visa, of family visa settlement, it is all a bit confusing looking at their site as they don't have the option to choose a spouse visa. So I will worry about that once I get there as for now it will just give me grey hair :).

Wishing you a good weekend ahead.

Hi there. I also need some assistance in this regard. I intend on marrying a Dominican woman in April. She will be here in SA for 6 weeks from the end of March. She is bringing along her Letter of no Impediment(incl. English Translation). I just want to get married so she can have a marriage certificate to go back home with and use to apply for a spousal visa at her embassy.
I want to make the appointment for the interview at Home Affairs and also get married there at the same time. How do I do this? Do I need to fill out the BI-31 form? Please assist

Hi Jareddy,

Get her to courier you her original letter of none impediment, and have a certified copy of her passport emailed to you. Take that documents to your nearest Home Affairs offices, that has got Immigration officers and ask them to do the verification so long, as that can take some time.

As soon as your partner comes into the country, go to the police station, let her write an Affidavit to say she can marry you and that she is not married, have 3 ID photo's each or passport photo's. Copies of your ID and hand over her passport as they will make copies of it and look at her entry visa in the passport.

Register the date you want to get married and then they will take your papers to the Immigration officer and they will give you the date of your interview before your wedding date, as they will issue you with a paper to say yes you can marry or no you are not allowed to.

Hope it will all go well for you guys. Good luck.

Hi Rene

Thank you for this assistance.



Please can you tell me if this is possible as I have read some conflicting things.  I am a South African Citizen my girl friend is British, we live overseas but will be back in south africa for 6 weeks in July. Can we only start the process of collecting the documents once we are in the country and would it be possible to complete the marriage in this time? what are the steps that we need to take in order?

She is going to arrange to collect a letter confirming they cannot provide a letter of no impediment from the British Consulate in Cape Town. Also does she need to show a birth certificate at any stage as she has lost the original.