Iphone 5 in SA

Do you all know if any carriers in SA will support the iphone 5. Or do I just get it unlocked when I get there. I plan on purchasing a new iphone 5 when they come out, I think in September and then I will be SA in October SA for 6 months.

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The Iphone 5 hasn't been released yet, I heard somewhere it wouldn't be available before 2012 ?

Here in the US its supposed to be released in September.

September will be the release of IOS5 (the IPhone's updated OS)
The new device won't be out before 2012 as Julien said.


Well apple decided to call the new iphone (iphone4s)It's due to be on sale officially October 14 here in the US. Are they going to sale them in SA as well this month? I wonder will I be able to get the phone unlocked so I can use it there. Im still trying to hop the pond. Im hoping to be there (Durban) by the end of November or December.


If I was you I would contact some of the cell phone net works, vodacom, mtn, cell c. I dont have contact info, but I am sure you can find that on the net.

Good Luck with it, and enjoy your stay in S.A. it is a really beautiful place.

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Vodacom and MTN currently have contract deals for the iPhone 4 Ranging from R400 p/m to R1000 p/m. I have heard that they will be offering the iPhone 4S for sale in late November (to take advantage of Christmas shopping). I don't know when they will be offering iPhone 4S contract deals but it will certainly only be next year.

@African Dream... MTN and Vodacome does. for easy access,u can also unlock it. peace out

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sorry ,I don't good at this ,I can't help you!

@ ogeee. Why post if you can't help?
Buy your Apple products before coming to SA,as it more expensive here.