American Food

I just wanted to know if there was any place where I can purchase American food items. I've been to several other places (UK, Australia) where items are readily available, but I've yet to find a place here in South Africa (Pretoria/Johannesburg). Anyway, if anyone has some information, please please please share!....LOL...thanks

Hi memphis-sunshine and welcome on! :)

Maybe you should tell us what specific food are you looking for and that you can't find in South Africa :/


Well, I'm looking for things like

Wheat Thins
Ritz crackers
Sweet Potatoes (the orange kind)
Raisin Bran, Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops
Town House Crackers
Land O Lakes Cheese or American Cheese
Yellow Corn Meal
Hot Dogs (or something that taste like it)

And other American snacks

Sounds like a business idea... Maybe you should start something up...

hi there, you wont find fruit loops here, they stopped selling it a few years back (bummer, i loved it and loved getting it in the states again) hot dogs, you can make your pick here, try and find a german butchery or deli but also any worth it Pick and Pay or especially a big Spar will have good hot dogs.
also, frosted flakes, the ones i had in the states were very similar to our Frosties, blue box with a tiger on that you can get at any pick and pay or checkers. for sweet potato, a good fruit and veg should have the orrange ones but if you realy dont find it, it super easy to grow them yourself. the seeds are easy to find at a good garden centre or the Starke Ayres centre.

im not from JHB area but i do know there is a large international store there, just ask around!

Thanks sooo much for the information

Hi! What part of Pretoria do you live in? There is a Spar in, Monument Park Shopping Centre, Skilpad Rd that sell lots of American imports. Goldfish!! And if you ask for the manager, you can tell him what you want and he will try to order it for you. Love that place. Lots of Spars are now caring Gatorade.