Medical internship for foreigners in south africa

I am MD graduate from Tanzania, I want to do my internship training program in south Africa. I want some one to tell me the application procedure as well as requirements for non-citizen to get this chance in south. Thanks u in advance.

Hie, I am an expat too in RSA. I studied here for my Bsc. There are recruiters who assist with internships in SA but chances are slim for you to land a paid internship. The biggest hurdle is home affairs. Unemployment is high in SA and they are doing everything possible to give an advantage to locals. The reason why im saying this is that , to get a paid internship, you need a work visa not internship visa. Hence this is a tedious process. A work visa is only granted when a recruiter has proved that they have tried hard to recruit local talent but have not been successfull. So this is usually achievable if a foreign national has critical skills and has years of experience. An intern is not considered as a critical skills worker. As there are lots of local graduates who need them as well. Perhaps look at the critical skills visa which seeks to address and make it easy to employ critical skills. Good luck and please feel free to ask further questions.

Thanks for your quickly response. My issues is to get recognized internship program at RSA and eventually to get a licence to practice medicine in RSA. I just want to know how and when i should apply (i want it whether non-paid or paid internship).

I dont want to discourage you. I am not in the medical field but i know how hard HCPSA ( medical board of healthcare workers in south africa) has made difficult the registration of foreign trained Doctors. This difficulty is not only torwards foreign nationals but to foreign trained SA citizens too. Read about this on the internet to learn more how others have gone through the struggle. But i bealive there is always a way out. All the best.

Thanks for information..let me visit website of this association you have mentioned (the medical board of healthcare workers in south africa)

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Hi, Steven hope you are doing, please update me about your result, what happened, its easier to go or we must get another country.

Thanks in advance for any elaboration you could provide

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Wish all Best for you. Unfurtunility i have not information about it.

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