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I've been looking for solar panels for a while and no company has quite convinced me, but after visiting FG - they seem professional and I'm going to get the panels for my house. How it goes next - I'll let you know ;)

@Luann3 I did the installation three months  ago and  the whole process, from start to finish, was very simple. The visit of the advisor totally convinced us. Everything performed as promised. We have been enjoying our solar system for a months  and it works really well. What a great success!


What is the size of the installation in terms of dimension and power generation capacity?

What is the expected return on investment?

Thanking you in anticipation.

This is totally what I expected, a fully competent person in the right place at the right time! The price is adequate to their services

I am very happy with my photovoltaics, everything works perfectly and the whole process is very fast. I totally recommend FG in every way!!!

Excellent service!!

I am super satisfied with the services of FG Solar Solutions. Really good company!!

100% recommended!!

Excellent service, everyone in the company are very professional!!

Hello all,

Thank you for your feedback.

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