Vaccines required in South Africa

Hello everybody,

When living or moving abroad, and in particular in South Africa, vaccination against certain diseases is often required to enter the country or to avoid risks.

We would like to ask you a few questions to help future expats there.

What is your relationship to vaccines in general?

Did you get vaccinated before moving to South Africa?
Were these vaccinations compulsory or recommended?

Did you refuse to get any vaccine that was recommended for South Africa? If so, why?

If you are an expatriate in South Africa, are you encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Do you have access to the vaccine and do you plan to get it?

Is this vaccine required for entering the country now?

Many thanks,

Diksha, team

I immigrated from the USA to SA in 2016. No vaccinations were required.  But a Medical clearance (for communicable disease and chronic health issues) along with a TB test (XRay or Blood) was all that was required at that time.  One would have to check the current Health protocols regarding COVID-19 testing and clearance prior to entry.  I have not been informed as to when my age group is eligable for the COVID Vaccine, but I do plan to receive it.

Right now they are using the Johnson & Johnson vaccination on all front office and medical staff so I suppose do the same and then get a certificate to prove that you had it done and bring it with you.