Young baby - Doctor Services

We will be moving to SA when our baby is about 12-14 weeks old. How do Doctor services work in South Africa.

Do we register with a GP for ourselves and newborn? Or should we register the baby with a pedatrician? He will be inbetween immunisations and I want to make sure we get the course finished once we arrive.

Who would do the vaccinations? The GP or a pedatrician? Any help would be appreciated.

you can go to your nearest clinic/medical centre/hospital and seek out a doctor who will be able to assist. in most cases it will be a nurse at a clinic giving the injections.

I lived in South Africa (Johannesburg)and gave birth there. Since your baby is still very young, it will be better if you register her with a pediatrician. For the immunization you can do with the pediatrician or in a pharmacy. Some pharmacies have registered nurses who can follow the growth of the baby as well as give immunization and some advices. They have immunization card where there's immunization schedule until 12 yo. Adults can also get benefits from them to get injections etc.
If you're going to stay in Johannesburg, I can recommend you a good pediatrician, good GP and clinic. Good luck.