Blue oval shaped pain relieve pil with paracetamol and codeine?

I'm from The Netherlands and when I was in South Africa about 10 years ago I got this medicine subscribed which helped extremely well. It was a blue oval shaped pain relieve pill which contained paracetamol and codeine and possibly another ingredient. I'm searching for it but I don't know the name of this medicine. Does anyone recognize it? In The Netherlands this pill is not known in the form I described. I'd be very grateful if someone knows the name and what's exactly in it so I might be able to find it again!

maybe ... … odeine----

Thank you Fred! This could very well be it. I could sleep so well when I took it and thought that should be from the codeine, but now I think it's because of the third ingredient haha.. Thanks a lot!

I use paracetamol with caffine - It works a treat on the odd occasion I need it