Boyfriend used me to get life partner permit


We applied for life partner permit 2015 with my partner who is from Nigeria and he got his permit last year, at the time we were living together till I gave birth went to my moms but now he's rufusing for us to stay together ever since he got his permit I feel like he used me to get what he wanted please advise on what steps I should take to get help about this matter.

Regards  BLQ

You must be very naive to have been used nicely, ,so you just dint know 99percent of nigerians use southafricans to get permits? Really u don't know that? You should know you are dumbed and he got what he wanted in fact and probably youl never see him again very soon ..go to home affairs and report it or use cops to frustrate him. Thy will recall hus permit, ,,,

Hi Annin

I was in a serious relationship with him or so I thought I did t know he planned this all along I thought everything was good with us. It's been one year since he's got it and he's shown me he's true colors already

Those are the most dangerous lot in the world to think they are in love .thy are evil and in fact thy wus get u another baby in the process tying to calm you down by the time you know it. he will be in another country or with another woman's bed,,,cause he got permit to enable him travel to any country or leave here regaly. .
If you have a copy of his passport go with it to home affairs! Ask for help!

generalizing Nigerians is very myopic.

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