South African family living in Dublin want to move back to there.

I have enough money to rent a big house in Johannesburg.I'd like to learn the language Afrikaans.Is there anyone here who can speak fluently???

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There are classes available, but depending on where you spend your time in South Africa, you should pick it up quite quickly.

Are you originally from South Africa? Are looking to live and work in South Africa, or are you just looking to spend some time here to learn the language?

Hi Sin,

Although I am not South African I speak Afrikaans (although not quite fluently yet). There are courses available in London, UK but I don't know about Dublin. I can however point you in the direction of places to buy books etc. There is a very good grammer book that is used in South African schools which you will find very useful.

I will also ask my Afrikaans teacher if she knows anyone in Dublin that teaches the language.

It is beautiful language and I really hope you have the opportunity to learn it.

Afrikaans website - learn Afrikaans:
Afrikaans Handbook -

There is a also a member of this site who speaks Afrikaans and is based in Dublin, maybe she can help you further:

hiya, married to a Dublin lad & we might move to S/Africa if husband is transferred there by current employer. Seems likely. We're now in Milton Keynes in England. Just want info about life there - the education system, health system, buying/renting property. His employers are in Zwartkop & Hennopsmeer. Near Johannesburg or Pretoria I believe. Many thanks for info. cheers, Anne

@sin... check out job classified to see available teacher who can assist with little charges... when will you be in rsa & inbox me when u around to hang out

from tony