A day in the life ......

Wife - Gym - Me - Audio shops.

I had to suffer the usual 'Bule' price hike but, as I usually do, I checked likely prices before I set off. Pop filters on the internet vary from cheap ones at around 30,000, to the best at 4 to 5 times that, so I was armed with a reasonably good idea what I should pay.

First shop - Rp250,000 (Thanks - I'll look around)
Next - Rp300,000 (Sod off - slightly more politely - not that much)
Last Rp100,000 minus nego = Rp80,000

Exactly the same unit each time.

Many shops assume 2 things
1 - Bule are rich
2 - Bule are stupid

It bugs the crap out of me but my low sugar diet is doing wonders for my ability not to tell them to *&%*& off and stick it up their rectum.

I buy equipment from time to time, so the last shop, because they were fair, have gained a customer. Not many millions, but the profit from what I will buy is going to be a lot more than the first two persons of uncertain parentage would have made by ripping me off.

The unit is now installed, tested, and lovely. It's taken away all the popping I got on Ps, bobbing on Bs, and highs on Hs (Candle - My fair lady).

I needed to book a train at short notice, that usually meaning you can't be fussy what seat you get. I took the only type left, a posh one at the front of the train.
Powered reclining seats, TV, GPS, waitress service, and pretty much everything else you'd expect in first class.
I could get used to this.

Just looked. They have a coffee bar as well.

Hello,Om Fred

Apa kabar
:D .

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Hello,Om Fred

Apa kabar
:D .

Hi - How are you?

I'm great , thank you 😊.

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