Leisure activities in Jakarta for solo expats, couples, friends or families

Things to do in Jakarta alone, with friends or with family
Updated 2022-09-22 07:09

Jakarta is never boring. The Indonesian capital has countless fun activities and unique places to visit. Whether you are alone or with your loved ones, you can make the most of your experience as an expatriate and explore this city that never sleeps. Have fun, discover and strengthen your ties with your loved ones.

Things to do alone in Jakarta

Have you moved to Jakarta alone? Head for the museums! Go discover the city's historical heritage by setting on a unique cultural trip with stops at the National Museum, the National History Museum and the Jakarta History Museum. Check out the paintings and sculptures of Indonesian artists at the National Art Gallery. Enrich your social media feed with some great selfies taken at Museum Macan, a trendy art museum!

If, like for Jakartans, shopping is your thing, then Indonesia's capital city is the place for you. Jakarta has a plethora of shopping malls with restaurants, arcades, and cinemas. Some malls even have ice rinks, Ferris wheels, climbing walls, etc., not to mention playgrounds for children.

Things to do as a couple in Jakarta

And if you and your partner have just moved to Indonesia, try a night tour of the capital city. Step out for a romantic and especially scrumptious dinner with Jakarta's vibrant and tasty cuisine. Besides, the city has upscale hotels in the center and south, with rooftop restaurants and bars perfect for a dinner for two.

On a different note, but just as enjoyable still, set out on a shopping spree for two. Try one of the city's shopping malls and stop for a meal, a movie, a drink, or go play some arcade games.

For instance, you could have a go at archery at Gandaria Mall or try ice skating at Taman Anggrek Mall!

And if you think you both deserve a romantic and relaxing weekend, why not fancy a trip to one of Jakarta's Thousand Islands? Many local agencies offer very interesting package tours that can lead you and your special one to one of the many islands of the Indonesian archipelago and enjoy their beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and great restaurants that serve fresh and delicious seafood dishes. Some of the most romantic islands are Bidadari Island, Tidung Island, Harapan Island, Putri Island and Pari Island.

Things to do with family or friends in Jakarta

With friends or family? Don't worry! There are theme parks such as Dufan, Jakarta's largest amusement park, located in Ancol. And you may turn into a perfect tourist group by visiting SeaWorld, Atlantis and Ecopark. Alternatively, your happy bunch can go banana boating or paintballing.

With your family, you can also opt to go discover Ragunan, the Jakarta Zoo. However, if your schedule and budget don't allow you to go too far, try to visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah park.

It's just Indonesia downscaled. The park is full of museums, galleries, attractions, and replicas of traditional houses of various local indigenous peoples.

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