Gastronomy in Jakarta

Gastronomy in Jakarta
Updated 2022-09-22 20:16

Being an international metropolitan city, Jakarta has a stunning and diversified gastronomic scene. From sweet and sour to pleasant and spicy, your taste buds are in for a treat! While Indonesian culinary heritage dominates the city, you'll also find foreign influences, not to mention the many restaurants that will get you wandering elsewhere.

Street food in Jakarta

Your expat experience in Jakarta will be incomplete if you don't try the local street food at least once, as vendors on every corner will remind you.

To do as the Jakartans do, try the many different types of fritters: crispy tempeh, tofu, sweet potato, bakwan (mixed vegetable fritters), plantain and cireng (fried tapioca starch paste), which will cost you as little as IDR 1,000 (USD 0.06) each.

Following the fritters, you can enjoy other specialties such as Nasi Uduk (fragrant rice) with various toppings, Mie Goreng, Telur Balado and Tempe Orek for breakfast. For the morning snack, you might want to try the Bubur Ayam, Lontong Sayur, Gado-Gado and Ketan Serundeng, not to mention the delicious main dishes of Sate Ayam (chicken satay), Sate Kambing (mutton satay), Sate Padang, Martabak Telor, Ketoprak and Nasi Goreng Tek-Tek.

Halal food in Jakarta

Since Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, most restaurants in Jakarta serve halal food, which means they are completely free of pork. The country has its own Halal Food Verification and Validation Board, and every establishment is required to have a Halal certificate.

In any case, whether you are a Muslim or not, you will enjoy the many dishes that make up Indonesian cuisine!

International cuisine in Jakarta

Jakarta is a large metropolis where cultural diversity is the key to its gastronomic richness. There are Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian, French, Oriental, etc., restaurants. Some restaurants offer dishes adapted to Indonesian tastes, while others respect the original recipes to the letter.

If you're feeling a little homesick, just do a quick web search, and you're sure to find a restaurant that will make you feel better!

Vegetarian dishes in Jakarta

Vegetarian and vegan dishes are increasingly popular in Jakarta. Currently, there are many restaurants that serve only vegetable dishes. But, parallelly to fancy and trendy restaurants, you can find vegan and vegetarian dishes at the street vendors in your neighborhood.

Both tempeh and tofu, two common sources of vegan protein, are two key ingredients in Indonesian cuisine. Fried, sautéed, boiled, baked or grilled, they can be adapted to any sauce. lternatively, let yourself be tempted by dishes such as Sayur Lodeh, Sayur Asem, Gado-Gado, Ketoprak, Rujak, Bakwan Jagung, Pecel, Perkedel and Cap Cay, all based on veggies.

Desserts in Jakarta

If you have a sweet tooth, then Jakarta is "the" perfect city for you, as you can find all kinds of sweets to suit a wide range of taste buds. To keep with tradition, head to an Indonesian restaurant or, even better, to the street vendors in your neighborhood. Local sweet treats include Es Campur, Es Doger, Es Cendol Martabak Manis, Lopis, Kue Pancong, Kue Lapis, Pisang Coklat, Kue Putu, Klepon and Kue Cubit among others.

You'll also find bakeries, pastry shops and restaurants serving delicious modern and western desserts, such as crepe cakes, cupcakes, churros and Mille donuts, which are especially popular with young Indonesians. For unique flavors, some bakeries merge traditional flavors with modern desserts, such as Klepon Cake or Red Velvet Martabak Manis, and many others.

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