Looking for travel buddy(es)!

Hello, i am a 20-year-old Indonesian girl living and studying in South Jakarta. I am planning on traveling to Sumbawa, NTB and the areas of NTT (google them they're beautiful af) this July/August. However, i don't have many friends and i will probably go alone:( That's why i am posting this message board.

If you will be in Jakarta around July/August and wish to travel to places little known by other tourists, or wish to have the experience of traveling with a stranger, hit me up on keek, my username is DelaneeMentari.

You won't regret it because i am crazy fun to be with:) LOL

Hi Hellokaia,

Welcome on board  :)

Could you please drop an advert in the Jakarta classifieds under the Travel partners category so that interested members may contact you ?

All the best,

hi dear..I am in indoenosia now
..travrling around ...i went jakarys bali and just arrived surrabaya. drop me line ***....and would love see the opportunity of meeting and traveling tohether....cheers...hany

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hellokaia :

Hello, i am a 20-year-old Indonesian girl living and studying in South Jakarta. I am planning on traveling to Sumbawa

Please be careful when it comes to meeting strangers from internet sites, always checking out who they are before you arrange a meet and being sure that meeting is in a public place such as a mall where there is lots of security.

Hi there :)) i am an Indonesian and staying in Surabaya. I am open to new people and kindly let me know when you are planning to have the trip. I went to Lombok and people recommended me to visit sumbawa, NTT and NTB. Same like you, i have no travel buddies 😂 So hit me up :)) thanks!

Hey, welcome to Surabaya, Hany! :)) enjoy your staying here!

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Hi, I'm Abraham, this year I decided o retire from my job as a seafarer. I've been working onboard cruise ship for 22 years. iIts my time to introduced my country to the worlld and now  tried to do lil business in tourism by offer my Service to foreigner and my ex friends onboard ship by promoting my Java- Bali  Over land Tour w/ cheap price (eonomiah)by my own car.I'll take you to explore the island of Java and Bali w)/ different touch. If you interest, just send me email. Thank for your attention.

Hello, guys I am32 yd from Iraq/Kurdistan planning to visit Jakarta then from there to Bali or any other nice places and i am alone if you are interested contact me we plan together


Ive just moved to po donk i dah jakarta selatan love go yravelling and sighseeing so if u still around jakarta seletan let me know could go exploring

I am going to be traveling solo in Bali next month. I actually collect crystals and fossils and will be looking for cummintonite to complete my collection which is the main reason for my trip aside from getting some rays and renting a scooter for some exploration.

Ooww.. unfotrunately.. i have just looked for your tread.. i have the same future trip wit you.. but... sorry ..
If i found tour tread erly maybe we can go out together... 😂

Are you still in JKT?

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