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Added on 11/02/2024
IDR 5200000
Everything you need to know to work in Jakarta
Jakarta's labour market
Jakarta, home to more than 9 million people, is a bustling city full of opportunities. As Indonesia's financial and commercial center, Jakarta is the country's economic mainstay as well as its main business and communication hub. In addition to being one of the most prosperous and fastest-growing cities in the country, Jakarta offers countless job opportunities for both locals and expatriates.
Working in Jakarta
As Indonesia's major financial and commercial hub, the capital city has a wealth of professional opportunities for both locals and foreigners. Before you relocate to Jakarta, take the time to learn more about the sectors that recruit, etiquette, CV, work permit, etc.
The work culture in Jakarta
As an expat, adapting to a new working environment in a new city can be challenging. In Jakarta, there are some common work culture and business etiquette that employees must follow in their day-to-day working routine. Learning about the local work environment will help you overcome any future hurdles. Find out more about Jakarta's unique work culture to ensure a great working experience while youre in town.
Internships in Indonesia
Do you wish to acquire hands-on experience, gain new professional skills and expand your international network for your future career? Internships in Indonesia are a great way to integrate and stay ahead of the trends in the professional world while experiencing an incredible culture and a completely different way of life.
Working in Indonesia
As one of the major regional economic powerhouses in Southeast Asia, Indonesia attracts foreign professionals looking for opportunities to work. In exchange, the country provides one of the highest standards of living in Southeast Asia.
Starting a business in Indonesia
Thanks to the country's large population, affordable labor force, and abundant natural resources, Indonesia offers many opportunities for foreign investors. In fact, Indonesia's foreign direct investment index (FDI) is increasing every year.
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