Accommodation in Jakarta

Accommodation in Jakarta
Updated 2022-09-21 05:23

The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is a dynamic city in many ways. Beyond its busy streets and heavy traffic lies a fascinating place with a rich history, home to vibrant and welcoming communities. Whether on a short or long-term stay, you will get to uncover the city's authentic features and unlock the many surprises hidden around every corner. Besides, accommodation will not be a problem in Jakarta.

With a population of almost 10 million and an area of 664 square kilometers, the heart of Jakarta is, without question, the largest and most populous city in Indonesia, in addition to being the country's capital.

The wider Jakartan metropolis has a population of over 30 million, and the sheer size of the Indonesian capital is such that it would be impossible to cover all the accommodation options and residential areas in one article. However, we can offer you some tips and advice that will come in handy before your move to Jakarta. Despite the lack of data on this subject, this city is undoubtedly home to the bulk of the roughly 350,000-expat population of Indonesia.

Thanks to its large area, it is easy to find a wide choice of various types of accommodation in Jakarta. However, rents are quite high compared to other major cities in the country, as the demand for housing in the capital far exceeds the supply, more than anywhere else in Indonesia. There is also a great deal of diversity in Jakarta's neighborhoods, with both quiet and vibrant areas. While expatriates tend to congregate in the same neighborhoods, you also have the option of living in more popular areas, which will allow you to experience the real Jakartan way of life.

Jakarta's neighborhoods

Even though it is often referred to as a city, even by its residents, Jakarta is technically not one. In fact, it is a province composed of five cities: Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, North Jakarta, West Jakarta and East Jakarta. Each of these parts of Jakarta is administratively considered a city in its own right.

Jakarta is actually a megapolis and, as such, includes many different districts that are more or less popular among expatriates.

Central Jakarta

It is the administrative, political and financial center of Jakarta. The district not only boasts many towering skyscrapers and luxury shopping malls but also has spacious green parks, museums and old historic buildings, most of which date back to the Dutch colonial era when the city was called Batavia. As a matter of fact, Central Jakarta is home to the city's oldest building, the Toko Merah, which means "red store" in Bahasa Indonesian. The area is popular with expatriates as it is the business center of Jakarta.

Several large national and international companies have set up shops in the capital, allowing most expatriates who live there to avoid the huge Jakarta traffic jams on their way to work in the morning and on their way back at night. Among the most popular neighborhoods in Central Jakarta is Menteng, the city's oldest and arguably most upscale district. It hosts several embassies, museums and historical buildings. Housing options are pretty limited in Menteng.

Nevertheless, thanks to its proximity to several business districts, one can find a few residential buildings, such as Menteng Park, Menteng Exclusive Apartments, and Menteng Regency, that offer luxurious apartments. However, those types of accommodation only benefit the wealthier.

By all means, Menteng is the most expensive district of Jakarta and by extension, in the entire Indonesian archipelago. Around Menteng are several business districts, such as MH. Thamrin and Sudirman, the two largest business districts in Indonesia. If your office is located in one of these areas and if you live in Menteng, then it will usually only take you a few minutes to walk up there.

South Jakarta

South Jakarta is the wealthiest district in the province. One can find many high-end shopping malls, prestigious buildings and offices, as well as large international schools and expensive residential areas. South Jakarta is popular with financially comfortable expatriates, especially those who have moved to Indonesia with their families. The area is home to several quiet neighborhoods with pleasant living conditions. It is even possible to rent large, comfortable houses there, provided that you have sufficient means.

South Jakarta's most popular neighborhood for expats is, by far, Kemang. This very appealing and international district has a genuine quiet village atmosphere, where it is nice to stroll through the streets. It offers apartments, studios, apartment complexes, and many other types of housing. Rents in Kemang are relatively modest compared to other more upscale areas of Jakarta but are still quite high, with a price range of between 2,000 and 6,000 per month for an apartment there.

West Jakarta

Although less prized by expatriates, West Jakarta is mostly a residential zone with many charms. It should be noted that this area is not considered a municipality, as are the other administrative sections of Jakarta. The majority of the inhabitants of West Jakarta, therefore, consider themselves more Indonesian than Jakartans, even if the ethnical diversity that characterizes Jakarta is very much present in many vivid ways.

Several modern and sophisticated shopping malls, universities (including Bina Nusantara University, one of the best in the country) and top schools are located there. In addition, West Jakarta boasts several comfortable residential areas, most of which are quite inexpensive in general. You can even choose to live in a very typical neighborhood if you want to immerse yourself deeper into the rich Jakartan culture.

Security is not a big problem in Jakarta, and even the threat of terrorism that has long plagued the Indonesian archipelago has declined significantly in recent years thanks to the efforts of the authorities. Just be sure to respect local traditions and customs to better adapt to the vibrant Jakartan culture.

West Jakarta is also home to the old city of Jakarta and features several other history-rich neighborhoods. Some of the most popular sections of the district include Cengkareng, Kalideres and Kebon Jeruk. You should be able to find fairly inexpensive accommodation there, starting at around $300 a month for a fully equipped kost (small one-room apartment with shared facilities). Those who can afford it may choose to live in a more expensive apartment, which can be found in West Jakarta for about $2,500 - $3,000 per month.

North Jakarta

Here is another area of Jakarta, not so popular with expatriates. Nevertheless, it proudly features many typical shops, entertainment centers, and some comfortable residential areas. However, most of North Jakarta remains primarily a huge industrial area, harboring some of Jakarta's most important seaports, as well as several major national and multinational factories. A few hundred expatriates live in plush apartment complexes like Green Bay Pluit Apartment, The Mansion Kemayoran Bougainville, Tifolia Apartment. Other complexes such as Gading Nias Apartment or Callia Apartment offer less luxurious apartments at more affordable prices. Altogether, you should find something to suit your needs in North Jakarta for a monthly budget of between IDR 1,500,000 and IDR 12 million per month.

East Jakarta

East Jakarta is the largest of the capital's five municipalities. The area is less residential and is mainly industrial. It is also home to one of Jakarta's most important airports, Halim Perdana Kusuma. However, there are a few good-quality apartment complexes that are prized by expatriates. They are Cibubur Village, Bassura City Apartment, Sentra Timur Residence and Casablanca East Residence. Rents there are between 2 and 6 million IDR per month.

The Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands form a chain of islets off the coast of Jakarta and fall under the administrative regency of the city. Located off the mainland and made up of many beautiful islands, the Thousands Islands are a very popular tourist destination. As mentioned above, Central Jakarta and South Jakarta are the most popular areas for expatriates. On the other hand, however, it could also be nice to live in West, North and East Jakarta. In any case, though, it will all boil down to your budget and needs.

Keep in mind that if you want to live in this busy city, it is better to choose your home close to your workplace or your children's school. Jakarta has severe traffic problems, which should be avoided for a trouble-free daily life.

Types of accommodation in Jakarta

Like in all major cities, there is no shortage of options when it comes to accommodation in Jakarta. For a short stay, a hotel room or Airbnb will save you money.

Otherwise, as part of your relocation to Jakarta, you can opt for renting or buying a property. In any case, Jakarta has no shortage of houses and apartments at different prices and suiting all preferences. You just have to plan and stick to your budget.

Good to know:

In Jakarta, you will find a unique and cheap type of accommodation called the "kost" .

The Kost is synonymous with affordable rent. In other words, it is a fully equipped room, sometimes fully furnished, that comes with electricity, access to free laundry or free wi-fi connection included in the price. Mind you, however, this is a form of shared accommodation with 15 to 50 other people living in the same building or house. As a rule, the kitchen and bathroom are shared. But one can find exceptions, where the room is equipped with an indoor


Renting in Jakarta

As an expat in Jakarta, you may choose to rent-to-own or buy on lease a home. Be aware, however, that this option comes at a price for an expatriate, as the law sets the minimum purchase price at IDR 10 billion (about USD 700,000) for a house and IDR 5 billion (about USD 350,000) for an apartment in the entire administrative region of the capital.

If you don't want to go that route, you can always rent and save money. In addition to the comfortable, fully furnished kost that can cost as little as IDR 2 million ($140) per month, you can rent a furnished apartment or studio again for as little as IDR 2 million ($200) per month or sometimes a little less. Finally, if you have a family, you may need a furnished multi-bedroom house that will cost you around IDR 45 million ($3,500) per month for the cheapest rents.

Finding accommodation in Jakarta

Finding accommodation in Jakarta is easy, especially thanks to the internet, which is never short of forums, specialized networks and local housing websites. Don't forget to network with other expats already in Jakarta! If you are already in Jakarta, get in touch with real estate agencies.

They will help you find the ideal accommodation.

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