Suggestions for living area in Jakarta

I would appreciate for any suggestions/comments on the living places in Jakarta.

Please write where is the best area in Jakarta to live, where is not recommended and what are the main points to look while searching for apartment in Jakarta.


Hi moving_to_Jakarta,

Welcome to! :)

I hope other members will be able to advise you.

This one is easy to answer.
As close as possible to where you work.

Jakarta traffic is terrible. Getting to work and back can easily add several hours to your day. So many people make the mistake of taking a place close to fun nights out - Don't follow them.

Yes, I realized after reading some topics and comments that the traffic is terrible there. This I will have in mind. But what about dangerous, noisy areas, could you please named that places? Also it would be good to know good babyhoods to live.

You need to say where you'll be working. No good suggesting nice places in Bintaro if you're going to work in Lebak Bulus.
Not far away from each other but I've taken an hour between the two on a bad day and I've heard of far worse.
Jakarta is a big place with loads of outer towns so you need to be specific.

Ok, mas fred, I got your point, I will try to be specific:))) thanks for explaining:) My work is going to be in the center of Jakarta, I do not know how that area calls, in maps it is Gelora.

That's near the Tanah Abang train station. I've been in that area a few times but don't know it well. I know another poster lives in that area so I suspect you'll get an answer soon.

Alone or with family

hey all here
i am looking for housmate or roomate, i move from singapore to jakarta, really need information and help, please feel free contact me

It all depends on how close to toll road you live and what time you start work. I live in Bintaro and live close to the toll road and start at 10am in Pondok indah. So it usually takes an hour to work with a driver and I can send e-mails from the back seat.

If you have a (good) driver it makes all the difference, good is in brackets because finding a good one is very important

3 years old post but your comments making sense..... :cool:

Hi still looking for flashare?
Im from Singapore too


Hi Susan!! I found your post mentioning the driver's importance so interesting. I moved yesterday to live here from Spain and I will need some advices. I will appreciate if you can recommend me one driver and where to find expats to hang out.
Thank you in advance!

Hi Raquel,

A lot has changed in Jakarta since Susan replies in 2014. Perhaps you could open a new thread and we can help with any questions.


Here are some location suggestions that I think could be your consideration:

1. Menteng : strategic location to several economic and business centers as well as government in the capital.

2. Kuningan : Its location is close to business center, Kuningan become the location of interest by many young workers as well as expatriates. Apartments and boarding houses are the dominant type of occupancy that dominates this area. The number of shopping malls in this area such as Kota Kasablanka, Lotte Avenue and Mall Ambassador also become one of the reasons many people who choose residential in this area.

3. Pantai Indah Kapuk / PIK : an elite and exclusive area located in North Jakarta. Geographically, PIK is located in the area close to the beach. Famous for many different types of culinary foods.

4. Kemang : a beautiful and cool area lined with expatriates. This area is never deserted. Also known as a place to hang out young people. Various culinary attractions spread here.

PS: Lifestyle and daily habits have a huge impact on our spending.

They are all great locations but all under the stress of traffic and PIK is sinking into the sea.
Menteng is great but expensive and has very limited public transport unless you are near the very busy roads around it.
Kuninghan has lot to offer but snarls up quickly in rush hour and all around Casablanca. Add to the mrt being built and the traffic can be awful. It is now becoming a rat run due to the odd even policy for cars.
PIK is new but built in swamp. It is nice there and has great transport links but you have to have a car.
Kemang is great but getting into it is hard and even worse on a weekend. I live 2km from Kemang and  on a quiet day it takes 20 minutes to get there.

Living here needs to based on where you work not where you want to shop or socialise unless you have no choice.

My advice remains the same.
As Jakarta's traffic is terrible, live as close to work as possible, or at least on a TransJakarta route that goes to your office.
Nice areas and expat hangouts are fine if that's your cup of tea, but a couple of hours stuck in traffic every morning will wear down your interest in partying very quickly.

hI Dear...

if you are expat or tourist, better stay in kuningan, kemang, cilandak and menteng, because too many restaurant, mall, cafe, club for hang out and to look for food and entertainment.


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