Shoe size

Can anyone tell me what is the average shoe size for Indonesian women? I have noticed their sizes aren't the same as the western sizes. Fx. 38 in Indonesia is smaller than 38 in European countries. What about their average dress size? anyone can show a -close to accurate- size conversation charts?


PS: Sorry if I picked the wrong category, was not sure about it.

Try this site

thanks! I'm guessing that the average shoe size is 38 then?

I cant say, Mine is American 13 or 48 or 49 Indonesian.

My wife is size 39 and she is 1.65m tall. Generally Indonesian women are quite short and their shoe sizes start at about 36 for shorter women and 37/38 for medium height women.

This explains it.

lot of Indonesian women on my generation I am 29 yo is pretty short, my shoes size is 36

Do u know the New zealand shoe size for indonishia...sorry for my spelling :D

I don't know nz shoe size for indonisa

Try this link