Bringing nicotine gum in luggage

Hello All~
I'd like to long stay or possibly retire in Ubud.  I can't find any information regarding how much nicotine gum I can bring in my luggage.  I haven't smoked in 20 years but I love my gum.  Wondering if I risk getting arrested or killed if I put a dozen boxes in my suitcase!  Yikes.

Hi Acrossthriver1, nicotine Bubbles gum Is not mentioned in the list of prohibited or restricted items in Indonesia, u can check the link below, its from an Indonesian airlaine, but to be sure, it is best that you ask the airline you will be traveling with. … nformation

Thank you! 
I think a box or two would be no problem.  I visited twice before and I didn't worry.  But if I came for longer I'd bring more boxes... I've been concerned that I'd look like I was transporting/importing something illegal since it's not sold there.  I appreciate your reply.