Ghosts and all things spooky

This being Indonesia, and the majority of people in this land believing in such things as Pocongs and Kuntilanks, I though it is about time that these are shared and I am sure there are many stories to be told.
For me, this is the first house I have been in since arriving in 2007 that has not had a ghost. The last house we had exorcised because there was always something happening at night and the non ac rooms were always cold. So we had a Javanese priest come along and remove him in a cup of water.
Then when I lived in my apartment I used to wake up in the middle of the night because I felt I was being watched. Someone with long curly hair. Again I never had AC and the room was cold and then it would warm up. Weird stuff...

when I was a child, I was sure I saw pocong. But I didn't know it was a pocong. I was in the kitchen getting a drink, then I saw this person with white sheet and tied up around the neck on the window. The face was dark, he was standing still.

I was confused so I fetch an adult  ("someone in the back?), then the whole place was riot thought  it was a robber, but then I described in detail how the person looked like and everyone ended up praying that night hahah.

the reason they thought it was a robber is because it was impossible to access the back of the kitchen, as it was surrounded by other houses' walls.

Fun stuff!

(google pocong, too lazy to describe :P )

Bali is ripe with paranormal activity.  I've seen way too many things (and while perfectly sober) that defies explanation.  It is no wonder that the best book ever written about Bali is titled, “Bali, Sekala & Niskala.”

A friend of mine told me whenever he's in Bali he keeps seeing Leak (just the heads) flying around. Usually it means it's being sent by a 'dukun' to claim its victim. He claims to be spiritually aware...

That'd be a pretty surreal sight!

Leyaks are fairly common around here.

You'll seldom see a Balinese walking around alone after dark.

Some of the most valuable property on Bali is along the Ayung River Gorge, but no Balinese will live within sight of the river or the gorge.

When you have time Roy, need to post a nice little story to prevent the girls from sleeping for a while about some hauntings in Bali. I would love to read them.

Ahhhh yes please, I wholeheartedly concur :D

My recently departed Kumpi (link below to photo of him) taught me a very good lesson years ago.  He said to never repeat or describe one's encounters with Niskala except to a Balian or high priest as it can only bring on “the dark side.” 

In reality you will find very few Balinese willing to talk about such things…so prevalent is this belief. … _12151.jpg

Just last week I had dinner with some friends and Icha (one of the members here) captured a rather bizzare object on her phone camera what looks like a head without body. I am not sure if its really something, everyone who saw the picts were pretty weirded out by it. Lol.

That being said, I dont expect to see any ghost...

Lets get that photo on here to see. Always good for a bit of discussion.

lukereg wrote:

Lets get that photo on here to see. Always good for a bit of discussion.

I will ask Icha if she can post it!! :D:D

There are ghosts in Indonesians houses? I have never seen a ghost in my entire life! Another sleepless night when the headless photo shows up.

Pic please, so curious now........

I love ghost stories! I've found that people are reluctant to share experiences for fear their peers will think differently of them. Usually once someone breaks the ice though, most people have a story. I was a member of a paranormal investigative team here in California a few years ago. We conducted numerous investigations in locations reported to be haunted. We captured many voices on our digital recorders and even a "shadow person" on one of our infrared cameras. They also set off our motion detectors when everyone inside the establishment was within sight of each other. We set the motion detectors off the ground in case a mouse ran out or something low to the ground. I have seen these "shadow people" with my own eyes. I have experienced things I cannot explain. I try to explain things with logic and reason but there are a few things I have experienced that I just can't explain. Anyone who thinks they are a hard core bad@ss, go sit in complete darkness alone in a room that is haunted!

I sleep in complete darkness in my room. Does that count as a badass?

If it's actively haunted, then yes, I would say that's b@dass!

In Bali there are no stories of hauntings per se, meaning a home or building occupied by a spirit.  This is likely because great care is taken in Bali to purify all compounds, temples and places of business.  These purification ceremonies are highly elaborate and of course the daily ritual of making offerings to appease both good and bad spirits is only one part of this ongoing process. 

The entire architecture of a Balinese compound is designed for keeping evil spirits out.  For example, there is only one entry and exit door to your typical Balinese compound.  Upon entering a Balinese compound one is immediately presented with a wall of about 5 feet in height and four feet in width which requires the person entering to either go left, or to go right to continue on into the compound.  The Balinese believe that spirits cannot negotiate this particular wall and thus are prevented from entering the compound…rather they are repelled backwards and out of the compound. 

Following a death within a compound, the compound is subject to several purification ceremonies meant to guide the spirit of the deceased in the proper manner.

Many folks who have come to Bali probably will remember seeing signs at temples saying that women who are menstruating are not allowed anywhere within the temple.  Some mistakenly feel this is unfair to women, but in fact the restriction isn't limited to menstruating women but rather to anyone with a currently active bleeding wound of any kind.  The idea is that blood attracts evil spirits unless it is the blood of an animal used in sacrifice within the temple.

During my long years living on Bali I have personally witnessed two exorcisms both performed by the same Balian and to whom I am very close.  He is also the personal Balian to our governor and is highly sought out because of his unique gifts.  Both of these experiences shook me to my core and are forever etched into my memory. 

Personally I don't know any expat who has been living on Bali for a while who hasn't experienced some amount of paranormal activity.  Bali is ripe with this activity and would be very fertile ground for any serious students of this sort of thing.

How would I know if my room is haunted?

"How would I know if my room is haunted?"

You'd know, and make no mistake about it.  Some subtle signals would be:

-The regular appearance of a very large rat or snake.

-Cold spots within the room that aren't always in the same area.

-A feeling every now and then of something having just passed right through you and making you shudder.

Those are just a few signals.

I am lucky enough to work in a very old school in the city.  The buildings are 140 years old plus so I have great delight telling classes tales of haunted  toilets and floating heads in certain  rooms.  The students love it.  Nuns not so sure!  But I think everyone  likes to be scared now and again.

In my experiences, you most definitely know when you're in the presence of a spirit. The energy in the room changes, not just the temperature, although that is definitely an indicator, especially in a warm climate. When I feel it, every hair on my body just stands on end, it's like the most extreme case of goosebumps you've ever felt. If it happens during an investigation, I won't just come right out & say it. I'll casually ask whoever I'm investigating with if they feel anything in the room. This helps to curtail the power of suggestion. If he/she says they aren't feeling anything out of the ordinary then I just let it ride. If they say OMG! I have the chills then I'll know it's more legit and less coincidental or suggestive. Same with listening to voices captured on a recorder. I just let someone else listen & ask them if they hear anything that way they're not listening for anything specific. If they repeat what they've heard & it's the same thing I heard, that's awesome!

It might be because I'm a godless heathen, or maybe just because I'm an engineer, but I have never been able to sense a spirit, even when other people do.

So I could live in a haunted house and just not know about it.

Anyone want to come round for a slumber party to see if I have ghosts?


I have a rule for those entering the house that are no longer visible but still here:

1. Don't turn the TV over when I am watching it
2. Don't watch me shower
3. Never drink my beer

Other than that just be friendly.

Seems to work

Well yea, here's the pic. I have no idea what is that, but when i checked the other pics from Annie, nothing like that.
Sorry Lukasz & Sam, got your face there in the picture. Hope you guys don't mind :D

I have never seen a ghost before in my entire life. But my friend had a lot of experiences about saw any "penampakan" (ghost) in her life. Sometimes "they" entering her body (Indonesian called it kesurupan) and my friend act like someone else, screaming, singing sometimes and talk about nothing. It so scared.

Btw you need to call Ghostbusters asap! :D

Samhand wrote:

Anyone want to come round for a slumber party to see if I have ghosts?

This is without a doubt the best pickup line I've ever seen on this site.

I actually laughed out loud when I read that myself. Nice one Sam!


Well I am totally convinced. There is nothing more scary than than a bar full of spirits and a full wallet.  But it is an interesting  picture.

"This is without a doubt the best pickup line I've ever seen on this site."

Hailey!  :lol:

"There is nothing more scary than than a bar full of spirits and a full wallet."

Luke!  :lol: LAGI!

lukereg wrote:

Well I am totally convinced. There is nothing more scary than than a bar full of spirits and a full wallet.  But it is an interesting  picture.

Hahahahah!!! Yeaaa... you're right!!

Clear pic without the blondie girl, LOL!
But, this is gonna be the last pic for this topic :P

speaking of scary things...

was waiting for client in a coffee shop, my face was facing the pillar area + on my laptop, then I saw this moving, facing me, peeking in...

almost kicked the hell outta my table...

ghost prolly less scary.

edit: not the actual woman i find scary, just the smile... but hey, blackberry camera. :P

HaileyinHongKong wrote:
Samhand wrote:

Anyone want to come round for a slumber party to see if I have ghosts?

This is without a doubt the best pickup line I've ever seen on this site.

Aw shucks :) Thanks Hailey


When in doubt, blame it on ghosts.  Isn't that like saying if you don't know how Stonehenge was built then it must have been aliens?

In Indonesian mystic, there are many kind of ghost : Pocong, kuntilanak, genderuwo, lampor, sundel bolong, tuyul, babi ngepet, kemangmang etc..
In many stories and movie we can see that the ghosts have different appearances.
Pocong is a ghost of the death body that it cannot be received by the land or earth with many reasons such as : when she or he life, they has black magic, or another reason
Pocong has varied depictions.  pocong have green faces with empty eyes . Another depiction states , pocong faced "average" and has a hole or hollow eyes closed cotton with pale white face . Those who believe in the existence of ghosts is assumed , pocong is a form of " protest " of the forgotten dead who opened his winding bond / shroud before his grave was closed .

Although in the movies is often portrayed pocong jumping moves , myths about even stated pocong moves hovering . This is understandable , because in the movies starring pocong could not move his legs, so that the passage should be jumping up and down . This situation also leads to a statement that was used to distinguish genuine and pocong false in the community

Maybe, belief in the existence of ghosts pocong developed only in Indonesia, especially in Java and Sumatra. Although his description to follow Muslim tradition , because moslem are majority and pocong has winding bond / shroud of moslem.

Generally , kuntilanak described as a beautiful woman with long hair and a long white shirt . Kuntilanak depicted happy terrorizing people to take revenge . Kuntilanak as appears always accompanied by fragrant frangipani flowers . Kuntilanak often said to be incarnated as a beautiful woman walking alone on the street is deserted. this ghost is a laugher ghost with scary sound. in other time kuntilanak has appearance like a bird. Some time, in a village kuntilanak can flying from a tree to another tree.

In the cellar of pub in Devizes Wiltshire you can often see Roman Soldiers marching.

However as the town is a brewery town where the local beer is still delivered by horse and cart I suspect it's more folklore than reality.

This thread is perfect when it's read on Halloween, Friday the 13th , malam jumat kliwon ( google this )etc

Try to stay in Anahata in Villa 1 which facing The River and jungle view from your private pool.

I will not mentioned further but i wish all of ghost hunters can feel something and see something.