Balinese woman + foreign man =true ??

are balinese women generally open-minded to dating foreign men? thanks for answers.

Yes, and even more so today than 19 years ago when I first met my Balinese wife.  Social media has a great deal to do with this, as well as slowly evolving Balinese culture.

It works both ways...Balinese men with foreign women.

thank you, sir. any tips? generally do´s and don't ?

OK, a few tips...

Call on her family, and do the traditional thing by bringing a 10 kilo bag of rice, some coffee, sugar and sweetcakes.  The girl you are dating might be a bit embarrassed by that, but her parents will really appreciate it. 

If invited, (and it's almost certain you will be) to a particular ceremony, by all means go.  For that you might invest in some adat Balinese clothing. Any of your male Balinese friends can help you out with that...and they can also teach you what to do regarding prayer in a Balinese temple. 

But most important, just be yourself and be relaxed.  As you probably already know, the Balinese are incredibly sociable and laid back.

When in public, try to avoid overly expressive signs of affection.  By overly expressive I mean like a passionate kiss.  A hug or holding hands will be OK.  She'll let you know in her own way what's cool with her, and what isn't.   

If you get really in marriage looking to be likely...keep in mind that Balinese women love being close to family.  Frankly, I would say that about all Indonesians.  To that end, if you can move to Bali as opposed to taking her out of country, that will delight your mate to no end, and keep her happy. 

Good luck!

Balinese women are just as open to dating western men as other Indonesian women, if not more so. Just be yourself and enjoy but stay away from the loose ones. I've noticed that tall foreigners with short Indonesian girlfriends or wives stand out a lot and get pointed at quite a bit, so better don't choose a shorty one. If you date one with a temper or attitude then I'd drop her like a hot potato as she has probably been around a bit too long. Good luck.

Interesting point, I remember a lot of Bali women with attitude and tempers in South bali around nusa dua. Yeah seems like they lurk at tourist place. I never thought about the attitude thing though. Thanks for you input.