Why are there many abandoned wives and children in Indonesia?

Dear all,

I am working in IT Systems Engineering and currently considering moving to either semarang or Bali. I got an offer from Mariott hotel in Bali with a decent pay. However, this is not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about getting married from indonesian locals. I noticed there are many divorced wives with children who live in a hard time. These divorced wives work in a very low wage jobs and barely support their kids. I've signed in a website called Muslima.com for online marriage and lots of these cases.

Before involving in any kind of marriage with locals, I have these questions.

1) Why haven't these wives file a complaint in their local family court office against their abandoning husbands?

2) If I get married with one of these kinds of wives, will the ex abandoning husband create problems to us when he come back from his abandoning zone?

3) Why aren't the family laws fair with wives? For example in my country is the opposite, the laws are 95% take side to wives specifically and women generally.

I consider indonesian men are very lucky to get away from one wife to another as long as laws won't harn them.

In my country is a different story.

The divorce cost husbands tons of cash and can't get away from it. If you don't pay, you can't even leave the country and if you left the country, there will be tons of problems waiting for you when you get back to the airport. (Unless you plan to leave the country forever)

These are all my concerns.

Thanks for listening.

Tales of woe are all over dating sites, just as there are lots of ghost stories on the net about cars disappearing on the toll roads.

Divorce here requires a 50/50 split of all assets except inherited wealth in any form.

What Fred said is true, is she sues you, you're done. Most likely the judge will side to the wive but most importantly, Indonesian. I can assure you no matter who is at fault, if it gets to court, you'll lose.

It's another story if you married a country folk(by no mean to offend anyone), generally someone less educated, less fortunate(in terms of money), and tends to avoid problem. This type of woman/wive will likely not do anything if their husband leave them. Even though this is hard for me to say the truth, they are poor and afraid that the police will try to "get incentive" from them if they press charges (that's Indonesian mindset btw, unless you got connection to the government or are loaded).

In conclusion, if you can speak Bahasa, you'll likely find this "rumour" to be true. But if you marry an Indonesian that can speak English, chances are, she's well educated and will sue you for every penny you got if you left her.

Yes, makes sense.

Alot of women on these dating sites have a truck load of hard luck stories.  I've been scammed by a few from Indonesia,  and still more from Morocco.  Why because I was new to these sites and didn't know that people could be so wicked to take advantage of the innocent.  Alhamdulillah I've been married now for 11+years to very nice and innocent lady with very very respectful family.

The true fact is rich or poor a lot of Indonesian man treat their wife's like maids... some just just promised the villagers a good life as soon as the are tired of them then they abandon the female and the kids and do it all over again. The Dame happened with the educated females. The law sucks in these situation and the male can get away with anything.. It is very hard for the female to state her case..but as the others mentioned there is scammers with nice fairly tales....my advice is to have a long relationship before  commitment. There are sweet innocent ladies and bad one's .. and some sweet ones being abused.

As the last person said...There are Good there are Bad... But No Matter what Using the site for meeting is OK but don't jump to conclusions Before getting to know them in person....I went thru it all myself...3 or 4  bad before the right one!!!..And yes there are a lot with woe stories.. That's a Fact...As soon as I heard the woe story Alarm went off in my head.Till the Right one came along! . Thank Goodness lol... Happy Looking!

Perhaps it would be better to clarify the situation.

In many villages here education is difficult, usually because families don't have the cash to pay for it.
Families are often 'traditional' in nature, the man working and the wife at home with the kids.
When it comes to family cash and education, as the boys end up the breadwinner, they come first when it comes to paying school fees. This isn't sexism as such, more a practicality that is really the only way parents can assist their kids.
It gets worse. As many of the poorest families can't afford to keep the kids, many get married off way too young, so we end up with a new generation of lowly educated poor families, and there restarts the cycle.
Of course, that leaves girls way to young to cope with marriage and kids married to men that are also way too young and often badly educated, so poverty has a field day, and that strains the marriage even more.
The divorce rate is high, the woman ends up with the kids, and there we have a situation similar to the one described in the thread.
The husband might well have gone, but the single woman's poverty isn't down to the husband running off with all the cash because there was no cash in the first place.
I lived in a village for several years and saw this way too many times.

1) Widows and divorcees are stigmatized, so it's possible the net is the answer.
2) Polygamy is legal there (not only Muslims), so they don't HAVE to leave one to be with the new flame.
3) Divorce is easy for men, no need to abandon them.
4) Probably just the latest popular scam... sick buffalo died, moving on.

Go, Make friends, meet a regular girl that everyone says is a good girl. That's my .02 anyway.
I married a Thai 13 years ago and we have never argued and love each other very much.
Best move I've ever made. :heart:

1) Widows and divorcees are not stigmatized, so it's impossible that's the answer.
2) Polygamy is not legal here, but happens sometimes
3) Divorce is easy for men  and women, but all property is divided 50/50
4) A load of old crap is put on the internet by clueless people

Be very careful if getting married to a single mum with children, not just here in Indonesia but anywhere in the world. Do not presume that if the father is absent, you can take his place and all will be well. Also for marriage in Indonesia you must practice the same religion, so you or her may have to convert your religion and beliefs. You will also be totally liable to support her children, with no help from government or previous husband. So good luck in love and remember not so easy raising someone elses children, so very big decision, and I hope you make the good decision whatever that may be.