Bottled drinking water contains fluoride

Does anyone know of a bottled water option in Indonesia that does NOT contain fluoride ?
I heard an advert for AQUA brand (which is what I've been using) that said they add fluoride. 
I've sent emails to water companies (Aqua, Cleo, vit) to ask about it, but they won't give me a clear answer.


Evan is a bit expensive and it doesn't come in the big bottles to put in a water cooler.
I'm looking for an option that's not imported and comes in the big size for water coolers.

This is from the Aqua website. You would be really hard pressed to find a local source that is completely free of Flouride. … kait-isu-1

In connection with the circulation of information on social media regarding the content of fluoride in AQUA, the Company hereby submit responses as follows.
AQUA is a source of mineral water with water from the volcanic mountains. Along the way, the rain water that falls in the mountains and absorbed in the soil layers, will undergo mineralization naturally. Therefore, the water is enriched by minerals contained by rocks in its path. One type is a naturally occurring mineral that Fluoride.
Fluoride is one of the micronutrients needed by the body. which if consumed in sufficient quantities, is useful for preventing dental caries and plays an important role in the formation of tooth enamel in children, the Government has set a limit content of fluoride in drinking water via the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No. 492 / Menkes / Per / IV / 2010 concerning drinking water quality requirements, ie no more than 1.5 mg / l. The same limitations set by the World Health Organization (WHO, 2011) of 1.5 mg / l. Even more stringent limits stipulated in SNI 01-3553-2006 of Packaged Drinking Water, where the content of fluoride in mineral water should not exceed 1 mg / l.
Based on monitoring conducted regularly, the content of fluoride in AQUA product is no more than 0.5 mg / l, well below the limits set by the Ministry of Health and WHO. In addition, as a product that has received a certificate SNI, AQUA products are also monitored by the Institute for Product Certification. AQUA thus safe for consumption.

Buy an in home filter or distill the water and put it in the gallon jugs.

Hard to believe this lunacy is still going on in 2015, a bunch of bunk that dates back to the Cold War era.  Just consider this extract from a Globe and Mail article...

A mountain of studies have failed to find any health threat from fluoridated water. An equal mass of studies have found that it helps prevent cavities in children.

Arlene King, Ontario's chief medical officer of health, and David McKeown, her Toronto counterpart, both showed up to testify to the safety and usefulness of fluoridation. So did a platoon of dental authorities. One of them, Paul Andrews of the University of Toronto, called fluoridation "categorically safe."

The Canadian Dental Association states that "50 years of extensive research throughout the world has consistently demonstrated the safety and effectiveness" of fluoride. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control called fluoridation "one of the 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century."   FULL ARTICLE HERE

There are so many harmful things that can possibly be in the water we get from tap water in most places, that the small amount of fluoride in bottled water should be the least of your concerns. The benefits clearly far outweigh any concerns that have all, to date, been unproven. Over 50 years of studies on fluoride, worldwide, debunk them all.

Wonder what will be next on the hit list of the things these zealots try to convince us not to put into our bodies because THEY think are unsafe, without offering even a shread of scientific proof?

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This is where the FOOD NAZIS are leading us to, but even this won't work if you're worried about fluoride in the water, now will it?

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Everything in moderation.
If one takes too much notice of all this diatribe then the best solution may be to lie down in the road and wait for a bus...

Aqua say they don't add to the water, just leave its natural mineral content alone.
I don't see any issue here, and I trust aqua to deliver a top quality, safe product.
I use it and have no intention of changing.

James wrote:

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This is where the FOOD NAZIS are leading us to, but even this won't work if you're worried about fluoride in the water, now will it?

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Dude, it's dangerous ice, possibly with fluoride in it. Not all agree.

Supermatt wrote: Not all agree.

That's about adding the stuff, not the natural levels in Aqua.

Chalk and cheese.

Every health anorak I've ever met has always looked ill.
Yes, we know about junk food but we're hardly to the point of dudes dragging carts around shouting, "Bring out your dead" because of a natural mineral in Aqua.