Career development as a teacher

Asalaamu alykum,

I hope you are all fine. I wanted to ask about career development as a teacher in KSA.

I recently got a job at a well reputed international school in Riyadh (as an O/A level economics teacher)  with a decent salary for a non-native English speaker (alhamdulilah). I want to know what career opportunities exist for teachers in KSA, and what are the necessary steps e.g courses etc one has to do to build a strong career in the education field.

My current profile:
Age 23
No experience
Bachelors degree in business administration
Potential candidate for an MBA at King Saud (passed the interview stage waiting for final result)
I can speak English very well (since my schooling was in english, TOEFL score 107/120)

Now I'd like for anyone who answers to consider what path I could take to building a career as a teacher.

If you have any follow up questions before answering please ask.

Hello Osama,

Welcome to Saudi Arabia.

I am not clear if are already here or on your way to KSA. I would guess you have still not arrived in KSA since you sound very happy and ambitious. I am not saying that it would change after your arrival here but you will be so busy in your day to day routine that there is a possibility that  you would loose your medium to long term vision of your career development path.

You are very young, this is your first employment, the foundation you lay now would determine the life ahead of you.

I am not going to bore you with a long lecture on dos and donts of Saudi Arabia. For the time being I would comment on "Non English Speaker" you have made.

My friend this issue is only of importance for learning and teaching ESL. For other areas it is your confidence and knowledge on the subject which counts. Never the less you must continue to improve upon your proficiency in spoken and written english.

The MBA course you are planning to study is probably part time or evening in nature, I have already made a lot of comments on such courses, kindly go through my previous blogs.

I end my message with a famous quote:

"Big success is the result of the little things we do every day"

Thank you for the comment.

Firstly you guessed wrong I've lived in Riyadh my whole life. Alhamdulilah I love KSA, and the environment here as I'm a Muslim. Yes there are issues but we as Muslims have patience and realize that these things are a result of our own sins. Just a touch of hope and optimism would really brighten the posts on this forum.

Secondly I was thinking of building a career as an English teacher if that is more lucrative, and gives me a better chance of succeeding in the education field.

As for the MBA course could you please provide me a link to these discussions? From what I gather education in Saudi Arabia will improve in the years to come as the government is spending on the field. Plus King Saud University is well ranked internationally (for the middle eastern region).

If you're aiming to teach English, you should focus on TESOL not Business Admin.

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